Summary: The similarities between America today and the end days of the nation of Judah, right before they were judged by the Lord, are eerie, and forebode a dark future for America if we don’t see Revival very soon.


TEXT: JEREMIAH 1:1-4; 5:9; 8:20

“The Eerie Similarities Between The End Days of The Nation of Judah and Today in America!”



I. A Nation Divided

II. A Nation in Decline

III. A Nation in Defiance

IV. A Nation in Depravity

V. A Nation in Derision

VI. A Nation in Denial

VII. A Nation Destroyed

VIII. Major Difference



Jeremiah was Judah’s last prophet before going into Babylonian Captivity. He was called by the Lord to begin his ministry during the reign of Judah’s boy king, King Josiah. In [2 Kings 22:1-23:30] we are given the record of Josiah’s reign. Josiah’s father (Amon) and grandfather (Manasseh) were evil men whose love for sin and wickedness led them to forsake the True God of Israel and attempt to replace Him with false gods who accepted and even encouraged sin and wickedness in the lives of their followers. (That is the kind of god America has now adopted.) We have “… changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man …” [Romans 1:23] they would also lead the Nation of Judah into forsaking the Lord for pagan gods and to live wickedly as well.

They were not only seduced but they became the seducers of the nation. They were not the servants of Jehovah God, but the servants of the Evil One, doing his bidding for him. From the highest office in the land you had sin and wickedness practiced and encouraged among the people and the worship of the True God purged from the land and new pagan gods established in His place. (Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?) After the death of Amon, his son Josiah ascended to the throne at the tender young age of 8 years old. Josiah was just the opposite of his father and grandfather, in that he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, [2Kings22:3] and used his authority as King to purge Judah and Jerusalem of these pagan gods and their worship. To rid Judah of any reminders of these pagan gods his nation had worshiped during the reigns of his father and grandfather, [2Chronicles 34:3-5] he had all their shrines and altars completely destroyed. He would later repair and reopen the Temple that had been closed for years, (during which time it was turned into a storage site).

Once the Temple was reopened he restored the worship of Jehovah (the One and Only True God), the sacrifices and the celebrating of the Passover Feast. In addition, he reintroduced the nation to the Word of God after discovering the nation’s sole copy of the Law in the House of God while they were in the process of repairing it. The nation’s sole copy of the Law had been lost in the House of God while it set abandoned and defiled for years. Here was a nation that was “. . . being destroyed for lack of knowledge . . .” [Hosea 4:6].

Many of the people had not had a Word from the Lord in their lifetime.

Without the Word of God they had no idea who the Lord was, nor what He expected of them as His people. It was left up to the imaginations of their darkened minds and hearts (and the lies of the false prophets who were just as profane and as much in the dark as were the people) [Jeremiah 23:11] to create an image of God for the nation. The image they created was one in which their God was as corrupt as they were. [Romans 1:22, 23]

America has done the same, for decades we have not wanted “… to retain God in our knowledge…” [Romans 1:28], so we have done our best to rid our society of the Word of God, beginning at the school house where the minds and beliefs of our children are just beginning to be shaped for life.

The Church has even lost the Word of God in the Lord’s own House. It would be next to impossible in most churches in America for a person to see the pastor stand before his people and read the Bible text and then to preach, “THUS SAITH THE LORD.” Most pastors have abandoned preaching the Word of God in favor of sharing the latest goings on as reported by some godless News Magazine, or the latest heresy that is fashionable among the people. (Every man who calls himself a Preacher, a Servant of the Lord, ought to read and heed the Lord’s CHARGE to us in [2 Timothy 4:1-5], for such times as these.)

With the Truth of the Word of God now all but eliminated from our society, we too have created from our darkened minds a corrupt image of God. We no longer have a God who is Holy, but now our God is one who creates some men and women as homosexuals and lesbians and sees homosexuality as a normal and acceptable life style. [Be sure and read addendum at end of this message].America now has an image of God as one who sees nothing wrong with slaughtering 1.2 million babies a year in abortion mills (to escape the discovery and consequences of their sin and not have their selfish lifestyles curtailed by the burden of an unwanted baby.) A corrupt people create a corrupt god. Judah was living under this delusion and corruption.

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Dearl Hardy

commented on Oct 24, 2018

this was obviously a very good small book on events in 2011, I think or at least hope that I am seeing God give this country a new chance now in 2018. At least its a choice to be made by the people and I hope they choose God and turn things around. God seems to be using a very unlikely source in Trump to awaking the church, now it is up to us to either reach the rest of the lost in this Nation and effect the change or we will see the end drawing even more near than you even imagined in this short writing.

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