Summary: This sermon is about our will versus God’s will for us. This sermon goes in depth about today’s society and their will.

Is It Truly Your Will?

The type of will we’re talking about here is one of individual desire. A will can range from good to bad or from worldly to Godly. We must realize though that our will also carry an outcome at the end. I don’t care how big or small the will seems it will have an effect on your life. As humans, we tend to have more than one will. Some of us like to smoke and drink, gamble and lie, cheat and steal back-bite and slander, etc. I stopped by to let you know that it’s your choice to combine whichever or how many you want, but you can’t combine preaching with your will. Preaching and witnessing isn’t even in your control so it can’t be picked up and put down whenever ready. It is only God’s will to call many and choose few. After he calls you, it then becomes your will to preach his gospel. Now, it doesn’t suppose to be our will, but some of us having our own agenda have to make preaching a true priority in our life.

Sometimes I hear message carriers say "I’m kind of busy" whenever someone ask them about the gospel. I hope to break you up from that today when I tell you that BUSY means buried under Satan’s yolk. Sometimes we’re too busy to minister, we’re too busy to keep our husband/wife happy, and we’re too busy for God, so we end up being buried. I stopped by to ask you, is it truly your will?

When you are just a church member with no title or no relationship with Christ, you are not really Satan’s focus simply because you are merely not that important to him. He already somewhat has you because faith without works is dead. So bench members are sorely dead church folk. I’ve heard many say I am a part of the Amen corner, but amen people without works pleasing God are still going to be saying amen in hell. So is it truly your will?

Many of us don’t want to give up our previous habits to please God. We were liars and still are; we were and still are thieves; we were and are lukewarm Christians; we were and are messy; you know in today’s society messy men don’t leave room for women to be messy any more. We have more feminine men than women. So is it truly your will?

Most of us are planning on getting married, but we don’t want to change our low-down ways. So in all actuality it isn’t our will to have a lover. Behind every good man lies a good woman. Today that quote has become a true lie! First the man has to have godly love in him to be a good man. Second, the woman has to have godly love in her and then she has to be willing to accept the fact that God says the man is the head of the house. Adam was first made from the ground and then Eve made of Adam’s rib. That’s not saying that the man should rule the woman, but that the man should be the chief security and spokesperson for the woman to the world. But most women don’t accept that fact so they are left buried in Satan’s yolk. Is it truly your will?

Your will has to be God’s will to please Him. It doesn’t matter what the world says, but its God who chose to wake you up this morning, start you on your way and give you health and strength to make it through another day. All Glory is to God!

Father God, it is us once more and again thanking you for the many blessing that thou hast bestowed upon each and every one of us. We thank you for looking beyond our faults and supplying each and every one of our needs. Father God forgive us individually and collectively. We know that since last time speaking with you, we have sinned against thee, but we ask you to renew in us a clean heart and the right spirit. For sometimes Lord, our flesh get weak, but we know in thee there is strength. We ask for a portion of that strength right now God. We can’t make it without you. Give us a mind that we may understand your word and deliver it the way that you would have us to. Take away our desires of worldly things and replace them with spiritual things. When I am getting out of line with thee straighten me up. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN!

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