Summary: Significance of our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit! A look at the OT temple.

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Is Jesus in the temple?

This was fairly early in the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary, Jesus, and his disciples were invited to a wedding. So they had travelled a little distance away from the Sea of Galilee up into a little town called Cana. When they got there, there was a difficulty. The wine was over and that of course was a serious faux pas. That was a real problem at a wedding then, they were responsible to have sufficient to entertain the guests. So Mary asks Jesus to do something about this.

John 2:4 “Dear woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.” Jesus was saying, “Why are you asking me to do something here? The hour of my complete revelation of myself has not yet arrived.” So Mary instructed those servants to do whatever Jesus asks them to do. However, Jesus responded in a very helpful sort of way. He asked the pots to be filled with water and by the time it was served to the guests it became wine.

Now that demonstrated that Jesus is God. Last time when I spoke on John 1, we answered the question – Who is Jesus? We saw that Jesus was God and one specific virtue of Jesus we learnt was that Jesus is the creator of all things that exist. So the creator created wine here.

It really should not be such a shocking thing to expect water to turn into grape juice. It happens normally and naturally all the time here on this earth. But it takes place over a process of time. It involves water which comes up from the soil into the grape wines. It involves sunshine, time and all of that turns into beautiful grapes and when crushed these fruit produce the sweet juice of the wine. This happens routinely in our world. But on this particular occasion, Jesus who had set up all the science of grape juice simply skipped all the time instead of sending it through the grape wines and using the sunshine, he just turned that water into wine. Jesus, God showed his power over his creation. He fast forwarded the process for a need. Today he can do the same for you, he can fast forward the miracle for you.

John 2:12-13 12After this he went down to Capernaum with his mother and brothers and his disciples. There they stayed for a few days. 13When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem.

Now, Jesus’ disciples by and large were not city folk. They were mostly fishermen from the northern part of the Nation of Israel around the Sea of Galilee. So going to the big city would have been quite an event for them. If you have the privilege of visiting one of the big cities of our world, you would probably take your camera and probably look like a tourist, clicking photos. I think it must have been that way for Jesus’ disciples.

Now this was not the first time Jesus had been to the temple. When Jesus was 12 years old, Mary, Joseph, and the family went to the temple. When they started back home they assumed he was with their little caravan or their group of friends who were travelling back to Nazareth, but after a day Jesus was not there. So panic struck their hearts. They went back to Jerusalem and searched all over the city of Jerusalem and finally found Jesus in the temple. Jesus was not just in the temple, as a little boy of 12 years old, but he was sitting with the most learned men of all and was discussing with them the great scriptures of the OT and they were tremendously impressed with his understanding and his knowledge. This Jesus was the Word. He is the one who had given the OT scriptures but these men did not realize that.

So when Jesus entered the temple area this time, it was not his first visit in flesh. However, when you study the Bible Jesus had been on that place on many occasions prior to his earthly ministry.

I personally believe it started all the way back at the creation. Historians and theologians after studying soil topography underneath the temple mount say this was probably the place where Almighty God, Jesus the creator took some of the dust and formed man, Adam. Oh! How close Adam was to his heart. He made him to have fellowship with God and God placed Adam and his wife, Eve there in a garden. What a beautiful place it was. Adam sinned and he had to be banished from that garden. The Bible tells us in the Book of Genesis that God placed there a flaming sword turning every way to keep Adam and his descendents from reentering that garden where the tree of life was located. I think that flaming sword was none other than the Lord Jesus Christ himself, he is the Word of God which is a sharp two-edged sword. So Jesus who would many, many hundreds of years later would become the way to the presence of God became the barrier there because God cannot permit sin in his presence.

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