Summary: If Jesus is your Savior - then He is also your Shepherd. What does that mean if Jesus is our Shepherd? This sermon teaches you about living our lives with Jesus as our Shepherd.

Is Jesus your Shepherd?

Psalm 23


A. What does Moses, David and Jesus all have in common? They were all Shepherds.

- Moses was tending the Flock for his father-in-law when the Lord appeared to him in a burning bush and called Moses to lead God’s people out of Egpyt.

- David was a Shepherd until the Lord used him to fight Galiath and become King of Israel.

- Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd in John 10.

Ultimately both Moses and David lead us to the Lord as our Shepherd – Jesus as our Good Shepherd.

B. David writes this Psalm as one who knows about being a Shepherd but has come to the conclusion that the Lord is his Ultimate Shepherd!

C. David went through all kinds of difficulties and troubles: jealousy from his brothers, the king trying to kill him, problems with his kids, sin in his life, complications within the Israel as well as with other countries.

Yet, David writes in this Psalm The Lord is my Shepherd and so teaches us what exactly the Lord as our Shepherd does for us.


A. The Good Shepherd meets our Needs.

- So we can say: “I shall not be in want.”

- He lies us down in Green Pastures. What a picturesque scene where sheep find feed for their daily lives. So in the Lord we have the Word of God. Man doesn’t live on bread alone but on every word from God. God meets our needs physically and spiritually.

- He leads me beside quiet waters = Peace. Sheep are afraid of funy water, they will only drink from a quiet pool.

- John 6:35, Jesus said to them, I am the bread of life; e who comes to be will never hunger and he who believes in me, will never thirst.

- Jesus said over and over again; “I give you Peace…”

So, Jesus as our Good Shepherd meets our needs: physically and spiritually – He takes care of us with His Peace and feeds us!

Not our WANTS but our Needs!

B. The Good Shepherd gives us Direction in Life.

- You can picture it in your mind – the Shepherd leading the sheep to where there is food, etc.

- So Jesus as our Good Shepherd leads us….

- David writes the Shepherd leads me beside quiet waters, He guides me in paths of righteousness, for His names sake.

- He leads us to that perfect Kingdom life (vs’ 5-6) where a table is set for us, where we dwell in the house of he Lord forever.

- He guides us even through the Valley of Death.

- What a great promise. The Lord will lead us in the Right ways – to the Right paths all the days of our life and even n that time of death. He leads us to Peace. He leads us to His very presence forever!

C. The Good Shepherd provides protection.

- They say that Sheep are often dumb. They will just go off even as predators are looking for them. They will just walk right into danger, get lost, etc.

- We are sometimes like Sheep and will go off on our own and end up in trouble, or allow someone else to lead us but in a wrong way.

- Yet, the Good Shepherd is there to Protect us as He is with us always and with His Rod and Staff. The Rod was a club which was used to drive off wild animals preying on the Sheep. It was never used on the Sheep. The Staff was pole with the crook on the end. It was used to help the sheep by pulling the sheep away from harm. It was also used to direct and occasionally discipline the sheep with taps on the side of the body.

- The Lord wants to Protect us too. He wants to Protect us from the Trap of sin and its consequences; from the enemy Satan who is looking for someone to devour (Scripture teaches); from our own evil desires, from others who want to lead us away from the Lord.

- Isn’t it great to know that the Lord – like a Shepherd wants to Protect YOU?


A. Scripture teaches us that we all are like Sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our won way; and the Lord has laid on Jesus all our sins (Is. 53:6).

It might not be that Flattering to be associated as a Sheep. Sheep aren’t exactly known to be the smartest animals around. But the main point is that we Need a Shepherd.

Isn’t it great to know that Jesus is our Good Shepherd?

Jesus said; He is the Good Shepherd – He knows us, He guides us to life and abundant-eternal life, and He lays down his life for us.

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