Summary: Do you ever wonder what God is doing in your life?

Is Life Lived in Hardships a Waste?

Job 10

PROPOSITION: Because Christ used suffering to bring spiritual victory, rest in Him to properly use suffering in your life for spiritual victory.

I. Submit to God’s working in your life. 9:1-13

II. Submit to God’s will for your life. 9:14-35

III. Submit to God’s way for your life. 10:1-22

A. Spiritual struggles are revealed through bitter complaints (1-7).

1. I disagree with your providence (1)!

2. First, you need to let me know what is going on (2-3).

3. Second, I want some questions answered (3-6).

4. Thirdly, you know I am not wicked (7).

B. Spiritual struggles ought to lead us to pray to God (8-17).

1. His reflection on his origin (8-12).

2. His reflection on God’s vigilance (13-17).

C. Spiritual struggles if allowed will steal our joy (18-22).

1. Job reproaches God for giving him breathe (18-19).

2. Job requests some relief during his dying days (20-22).

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