Summary: We wonder whether the plans we are considering are from God or from another source. Here are four distinquishing marks of the call of God.

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Passage: Judges 6:33-40

Intro: So Fred was walking along a narrow mountain path when he slipped over the edge, but saved himself by grabbing a branch. He called out for help, and the Lord answered by calling him to let go of the branch, and God would catch him. “Is there anybody else up there?”

1. what Gideon was struggling with we all struggle with.

2. all thru this story, the same question comes up over and over.

3. “is that really you, God?”

Il) story about kid who bought yellow car because he dreamed in yellow for several nights. Car turned out to be a lemon

4. what can we learn from this passage to help answer that question?

5. what things are characteristic of the call of God?

6. If God is calling, there will be…

I. A Challenge in the Physical Realm

1. up to this point, Gideon’s call had been mostly hypothetical.

2. other than tearing down the altar, the call to battle the Midianites in the future.

Il) like pre-marital counseling. This is what is going to happen. Always a degree of surprise when the knot is actually tied.

3. but in v33, everything changes. “They’re baaaack”

4. predictably, they go to the lushest area in Israel, the Valley of Jezreel.

5. close to Sea of Galilee, still today the breadbasket.

PP Photos of Valley of Jezreel, map

6. not just the Midianites, but the good news had spread about easy pickings.

7. every Bedouin there to graze and pillage.

8. up until this point, Gideon could have imagined victory, how God might do it.

Il) flood the Jordan, plague, internal mutiny

9. but here they were, as big as life.

10. the decision was on Gideon, the battle was to be joined or abandoned.

11. we would like to keep it hypothetical, discuss options and theory.

12. but over and over in Scripture we see this same pattern.

13. God calls us to respond in very practical ways, in physical obedience in the world of space and time.

Il) he called Adam, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, David, Daniel, even Jesus to exhibit faith in the physical realm

14. God’s goal is to cause our spiritual faith to overcome our physical fear. That is where our battle is fought.

15. can what is unseen overcome what is seen?

16. there will ultimately be a physical component to every challenge if God is at work.

17. what we are inside is demonstrated in what we do!

II. A Push From the Holy Spirit

1. I find v 34 almost humorous

2. Gideon has shown himself to be very hesitant about this whole adventure.

3. so it’s no surprise that v34 states that the Holy Spirit took control of his body to blow the trumpet call to arms!

4. this phrase (HS came upon him…) used most often in Judges, a book full of weakness and fear.

4. does anyone here believe this was Gideon’ idea?

5. because the Midianites were in the Valley of Jezreel, the call went out to those tribes around,

6. once done, Gideon was committed

Il) he was like a young bird pushed out of the nest and forced to fly!

7. suddenly there were others around him responding to the call.

8. in our lives, this might be a sudden confrontation, an unexpected opportunity to stand for God.

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