Summary: Stand Up and be the Christian God wants you to be.


I SAMUEL 17:22-29


Bills Lake Baptist Church

Newaygo Mi.

It grieves me when I see God’s people coward under the pressures of this world. I am convinced like David that we have no business hiding from the cries of this world.

I have nothing to be ashamed of and I will not be intimidated by the world or even by other Christians.

We have a cause like David and the Nation of Israel.

I. I will not be intimidated by this world. I Sam.17:24

A. This world wants you and me to crawl under some rock or in some ditch and shake because they are here.


B. I am not the one who ought to be ashamed and afraid. And yet men today hide because of fear.

II. I will not be intimidated by other Christians.

I Sam. 17:28

A. Satan will use any tool he can in order to discourage God’s people.

Why does he do it? Because it works!!

B. He will point out everything he can to discourage you, whether it is true or not.

C. The sad part is that most don’t even realize they are being used.

III. I will stand up and defend my Lord and my God.

I Sam. 17:32

A. If a shepherd boy can fight with confidence then I can.

B. I will stand up for God without anticipation of a reward, but rather out of a love for God.

IV. I will let God take care of my defense.

I Sam. 17:39-40

A. He did not train with the armor and he chose to go as he was. Trusting God.

B. We think we never have enough armor when in fact we carry so much of self armor that we do not trust God for our protection.

V. I will not quit on God. I Sam. 17:44-48

A. Words come to discourage us.

B. Size is put before us to try to overwhelm us.

C. I keep repeating “I Will Not Quit”

VI. When in battle I will trust in the Lord not self.

I Sam. 17:46, 50

A. David claimed he would take the head of this giant and he did not even have a sword.

B. When he did as God directed the sword was provided.

VII. When victory is in hand I will give God the Praise.

I Sam. 17:58

A. David declared himself a servant.

B. Not the one who killed the man. Just a servant.


-Are you the discouraged or are you the discourager?

-No one has to stay in a state of fright or fear!!

-Stand up and declare who is your GOD!

Just use this if you can. The Lord has really incouraged me to be faithful.

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