Summary: This is a mini-sermon (5-7 minutes)designed for our church’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Bel Aire Baptist Church Thanksgiving Dinner Message


2 Chronicles 29:31


1. In 2 Chronicles 29 we find a 25-year-old king named Hezekiah. Hezekiah succeeded his father, Ahaz. Now Ahaz had taken everything out of the temple and closed it up. Ahaz had altars built all over and placed burnt sacrifices to other gods.

2. Once Hezekiah became the King of Judah, things changed. Hezekiah had the priest and the people assemble together. The priests then went into the temple and purified it. Once the temple was cleansed then they were ready to start.

3. Next, the King had the city officials bring offerings for a sin offering. After this offering was completed, the people worshipped and praised God. After all of this was done notice what Hezekiah does in verse 31. (Read)

4. We often times say, “Thank God”. Unfortunately most the time it is just something we say in passing. Just as King Hezekiah did here, we should thank God for the cleansing of our sins and we should worship and praise God.

5. The people who’s hearts were willing brought offerings of thanksgiving to the Lord. I know we thank God for many things such as our possessions, families, church, jobs, etc… but many times we forget the most important thing. This Thanksgiving let us not forget to thank God for our salvation that He has given us through Jesus Christ. Is your heart willing? Let us pray.

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