Summary: God can/will encounter you when your dreams collapse.

(All Scripture quoted in this lesson is from The Bible by Jesus unless otherwise noted)


1. King Uzziah was used of God. “The people of Judah then made 16 year old Uzziah . . . their king . . . he ruled 52 years . . . he obeyed Me, the Lord . . . as long as Zechariah was alive, Uzziah sought Me and I gave him success” (2 Chron. 26: 1-5). “He built fortified towns . . . at the corner angle . . . dug many cisterns . . . great livestock . . . Uzziah had a well-trained army” (26:9-11).

2. Uzziah sinned. “Uzziah became proud of his power . . . entering My temple to burn incense on the altar” (26:16).

3. God judged him. “Azariah the priest said . . . this isn’t right” (26:18). “Just then leprosy suddenly appeared on his forehead” (26:19).

4. Isaiah a member of Uzziah’s court.


1. God can/will encounter you when your dreams collapse.

a. When you buy into a person’s dream, you buy into their leadership. When Uzziah sinned, Isaiah’s dreams died.

b. Organizational and financial strength is not spiritual strength.

c. When your dreams collapse go to God for a new vision.

d. Your dreams begin with seeing God lifted high in your life.

2. An inflated opinion yourself will keep you from your dreams.

a. Uzziah thought he was important to God. “When Uzziah became strong, he became so proud of his accomplishments that he acted corruptly, and he . . . sinned against God” (26: 16, Amplified Bible).

b. God dealt with Isaiah’s potential pride. “I am doomed because I am a sinful man just like everyone around me” (Is. 6:5).

3. A new and honest view of God leads to a transformed life and a renewed challenge to service. “Isaiah saw Me, the LORD, sitting on a high throne . . . the temple was filled with smoke, a sign of My presence” (26:1).

a. Isaiah testified, “I am doomed . . . because I am a sinful man” (26:5).

b. Isaiah saw his new king. “I have seen the king” (26:5).

4. You have to deal with your sin when you encounter/touch God. “How terrible it is for me . . . because I am a sinful man” (Is. 6:5).

a. Isaiah was physically qualified to serve an earthly king, but not spiritually qualified to serve the heavenly King.

b. God wants you to deal with sin before He will use you. “This has touched your lips . . . you are no longer guilty, your sins are forgiven” (Is. 6:7).

5. More important than your qualifications and calling is your encounter with God. Isaiah began, “I saw the Lord” (Is. 6:1, KJV).

a. The Word of God and the presence of God speak together (never contradictory). “I heard the voice of the Lord” (Is. 6:8).

b. God asks you a question, but He leaves the answer up to your initiative. “Whom shall I send as a messenger for me?” (Is. 6:8).

c. God asks the same question today. How will you answer? If you don’t know, find His presence.

6. God will show you why so many reject Him. Paul quoted this passage, “You Jews will hear the gospel, but will not understand, you will see the truth of Jesus, but you are spiritually blinded. For your heart is hardened and your spiritual ears are shut up, and your spiritual eyes are blinded. Because you refuse to believe” (Acts 28: 26-27).

a. When people reject the truth they know, it loses its influence.

b. The more they reject the greater their inability to receive truth.

c. When you completely love darkness, light hurts your eyes.

7. God is more interested in our faithfulness then our success. God sent Isaiah on a mission that would fail. He asked, “How long?” (Is. 6:11).

a. Expect resistance, persecution and rejection. “A great forsaking in the midst of the land” (Is. 6:12, KJV).

b. There is fruit (results) when you can’t see it. “Just as a stump remains when a tree is cut down, so the Holy Spirit will be like a stump that will grow again” (Is. 6:13).


1. You will get a fresh dream when you touch/encounter God.

2. Encountering God teaches you must serve Him on His terms.

3. You will see and understand your sinfulness and weakness when you encounter/touch God.

4. You will deal with your sin when you encounter/touch God.

5. You must come to God’s sanctuary to encounter/touch Him.

6. When encountering/touching God, He will give you a task to accomplish.

7. Your fruit or success in ministry is not measured in immediate results, but in the long-term view.

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