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Summary: I do not believe that we can understand the New Testament; And I do not believe that we can understand Jesus, apart from this question; Where does God dwell?

The Game of Thrones- Israel’s Experience with Human Kings”

“Where is God?”

We are coming to the end of our sermon series: The Game of Thrones – Israel’s Experience with Human Kings.” Only two sermons left.

I do not believe that we can understand the New Testament;

And I do not believe that we can understand Jesus, apart from this question; Where does God dwell?

We have seen this Game of Thrones play out in the history of the Jewish people. From the prophet Samuel to King Saul. Remember that key phrase when the Lord spoke to Samuel? “Samuel they are not rejecting you they are rejecting me as their King….” God selects a shepherd boy, named David who becomes king of Israel. His sons fought and died to obtain the throne, while their father David lived. Brothers murdered brothers.

When we arrive at the New Testament we have our first hint from the three Wiseman that a “new king” has been born in Bethlehem.

All of the O.T. and the N.T. wants to answer the two ultimate questions of life: Is there a God? Does he care about me? If so where does he dwell? How can I connect to Him? Will he involve Himself in my history? How are sins forgiven?

Let’s begin: Genesis 28:1-13, the promise…that God cares. V 15-17

From that day every Israelite who wanted to talk to God went to Bethel. Bethel means “house of God.” A house of God is an earthly, physical place. After Jacob’s return to the Holy Land, Bethel was the second place where he and his family settled. There he set up an altar to God, and God spoke to him. Bethel was one of the first places in the Holy Land where the ark of the covenant of God was set up, and where the priests offered sacrifices and inquired of God It became the place.

Where Does God Dwell

Text: Genesis 28:10-17

1. If you want to have a personal connection with God,

a) Where would you go? __________________________________________________________

b) Why do you worship? __________________________________________________________

2. Genesis 28:16-17

What did Jacob believe? __________________________________________________________

Where does God dwell? __________________________________________________________

3. Exodus 3:1-6

How does God make himself known? ________________________________________________

How does God make himself known to you? __________________________________________

4. Exodus 19:3-9

Where does Moses meet God? ______________________________________________________

Where does God dwell? __________________________________________________________

5. Exodus 33:7-11

Why would people go to the “tent of meeting”? _______________________________________

How did people know God was present? _____________________________________________

6. Exodus 40:1-5, 36-38

Where does God dwell? __________________________________________________________

7. I Samuel 5 & 6

What happened in each Philistine city when the Ark of the Covenant was taken into each city?


8. I Samuel 6:11-20

When the Ark of the Covenant arrived in a Jewish village what happened to 70 of the men?


What is the message? ____________________________________________________________

9. I Kings 8:6-11

What does the presence of the “cloud” tell you about God’s dwelling place? _______________


How long will God “dwell” in this “temple” built by Solomon? ____________________________

10. Where do the children of Israel meet and connect with God? ________________________________

11. When the disciples experienced the “Calm of the Storm” by Jesus in Matthew 8:23-27; Do they believe God is in the temple or that God is now dwelling in the person of Jesus? _____________________________________________________________________________________

(insert copy of tabernacle)

The tabernacle was called the “tent of meeting” because God would meet with Moses there. As the tabernacle was the focal point of Israel’s life with God, so now the heavenly tabernacle reminds John that God’s holy presence is the center and core of life in heavenly glory.

What does the “smoke” represent? _____________________________Ex. 19:18-20; 40:34

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