Summary: God doesn't mind you "bothering" him with your problems.

It’s no bother

St. Luke. 8: 41-42 & 49-56

This man, who undoubtedly believed in Jesus, came to the only possible source of help available for his only little girl. Perhaps she wasn't his only child but at the least she was his only little daughter lay dying. Matthew tells us in 9:18 that Jarius “worshiped” Jesus when he approached him. Mark 5:23 confirms that she was little. Luke has affirmed her age was 12 years. He appeals to the Divine to arrest the progress of whatever disease was claiming the life of his beloved daughter. Jesus was moved by the plight of the father (Jarius) and even begins to go with him to the home. He is thronged by a multitude and hindered by a woman with an issue of blood. A woman with issues can be a real hindrance.

After healing the woman of her blood disease, Jesus again starts for the home of Jarius. I can see this father, wrought with worry, plagued by impatience, and stricken with sorrow as he tries to follow Jesus and maintain hope, composure, and trust. Suddenly a messenger bursts upon this heart wrenching scene with the news of the death of the daughter. Don't keep bothering Jesus, she's dead!

Why continue to pressure the Prophet, molest the Master, to pester the Preacher, trouble the teacher, the little girl is dead. The issue is to far gone to resolve now. There is a term called post mortem medicus (medics after death) to further trouble Jesus now seems to be post mortem Jesus (Jesus after death). There is no reason for him to come now.

Just bury her, do your grieving as a family, let the Lord continue helping those who can be helped. It seems now that the hope of help was hindered and the desperate situation has worsened for the family. The father has ultimately failed.

Don't allow the messenger of bad news to rob you of your hope in Jesus. The situation may be dire; there may be discouragement, depression, dismay, despair, distress, despondency, dejection, disaster, darkness.......its not over yet!! Jesus told Mary, at the tomb of her brother, I am the resurrection and the life! He can resurrect more than just dead bodies. He can resurrect those who are dead in trespasses and sins, he can resurrect marriages that are devoid of love and warmth, he can resurrect hopes that have been dashed by depression, he can resurrect health from a body wracked and wrecked by disease. Amos 3:11 tells us that “he takes out of the mouth of lion two legs and a pice of an ear”.

(Robert Faust painting titled “Checkmate”)

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