Summary: But you simply gotta turn it over to the hands of one who is above you, and trust that when you put it in the hands of the the one who is above you,,,,

Its Above Me Now!!! (Joshua; 6: 1-6,20)

(*** Greetings and Protocol,,,,,,,)

As,,,, we prepare our hearts,,, and mind to receive the word of God,,,, The prayerful takes hold of us and controls our daily living,,,,

I wish that you would take a moment too bow and be in prayer with me,,,,,Amen,,,,

Like the songwriter,,,, said,,,, Oh,,, to grace, how greater a debtor daily i’m constrained too be,,, let your goodness like a feeder bind my wondering heart to thee,,,,

Lord we confess now,,,,, that all of us has wondered,,,, But Lord,,,, your mercy,,,, andddd,,, your grace, has always kept us, and covered us,,, andddd,,, blessed us,,, so now,,, Lord we desire now oh God,,, too surrender our whole lives to you,,,, and ask that in this preaching moment,,,, that your word would be a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path,,,,, Speak, Lord for your servants our listening,,,, And Jesus Name,,, We do Pray!!!!! Let the redeemed say amen,,,,X3

I’m Going to invite you to here a word of God from the Book of Joshua,,, and the Old Testament,,, in the Hebrew Bible, Chapter 6,,,, their is a passage of scripture that may sound familiar to any of us who have attended Sunday school,, or any type of church for a lil bit of time,,,,,

The 6 chapter,,, of Joshua, There,,,, I will be reading from the King James Bible,,,, Chapter 6 of Joshua starting at the 1st. verse,,,,,, (***** read verse 1-6,,, 20)

As we hang out in that mighty work of Gods favor,,,,, Play preacher,,,, And turn to someone and tell em,,,, It's Above,,,, Me Now!!!,,,

Its,,,, Above,,,, Me,,,, Now,,,,,(rest the people)

I,,,, I,, want to introduce you to a 26 year old, African brother by the name of Craig Brooks,,,,,

Craig Brooks works as a receptionist at a Holiday Inn Express, in Austin Texas,,,, And a while back,,,, while Brother Brooks, was working on his shift a woman called in needing to make reservations for a room,,,,

Brother Brooks,,,, Informed the lady as with the custom of most hotels,,,, that reservation or no longer made at the reception desk,,,, But rather one must call the 800 number and be booked and that fashion,,, he proceeded to transfer her over,,, and shortly after that she called back,,,, she was upset, because she had been put on hold, and she wanted Craig to make her reservation,,,, Brother Brooks, informed her again, that he is not the one who makes the reservations, let me kindly transfer you over to the one who makes the reservations,,,,, in he did,,,, And shortly after that she called back again,,,, this third time she was angry,,, irate,,, and down right hostile,,, And Brother Craig said to her I do apologize for the inconvenience,,, and than he said you know what,,, I am not suppose to do this but I will make the reservation for you,,, I’ll take your information,,, I’ll call the 800,,, number,,, But imma need you to please,,, calm down,,,, and let me try to help you,,,, The woman upset that Craig Brooks had the audacity to tell her to calm down,,, while she was speaking to her husband, not realizing that she had yet to hang up the phone, stated to her husband, and referred to Brother Brooks and a vulgar and slain term that should never be uttered,,,, she referred to him as a F. word, N. word,,,

I’ll let you fill in the blanks,,,,, I’m,,,,, I’m,,,, I’mm.... preaching, I can’t say ....... Quote it directly,,,, But this woman on the phone called Brother Craig theeee...... and hang up the phone......

Brother Brooks immediately called Corporate and shared with them what had just happened,,,, and Holiday Inn expressed with Craig that they have zero tolerance when it comes to racism,,,, and he would be well in his rights to refuse her reservation,,, even,,, if she do go through the 800 number,,,,

The woman not content with the fact that she could not get a reservation,,, showed up at the hotel,,, brought her daughter, and her husband with her,,,, Brother Brooks was there at the desk, decided to pull out his phone and proceeded to film what was about to go down,,,,

And this is what he said,,,, Mame,,, I can not give you a reservation,,, you called me a F. word, N. word,,,,, And he said, the Best Western, is across the street,,,, The lady said know I want a reservation here,,,, and this is all Craig Brooks said in response ..... It’s above me now!!!

She got upset,,,, and insisted that he give her a reservation,,, He said mame, I can’t do anything for you,,,, Its above me now,,,, She said I apologize for calling you a F.word, N.word,,,(and that’s to many F.words, N.words behind this sacred desk) But Brother Brooks said it’s above me now,,,

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