Summary: The resurrection of Jesus Christ had the salvation as humankind as its goal.


1 Corinthians 15:1-58

>>Pastor Ken had a recently new believer read chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians before preaching<<

>>There was also a silent video called “This Hand” showing during the sermon<<

Welcome & Opening Comments:

We have asked ourselves the question “What would you do if you had only one week to live?” during this Holy Week. We have encountered Jesus as he answered that question for us.

• On Monday he cleansed the temple – he reordered worship with God. We too, used Monday as a day to confess, repent, and cleanse the temple thus reordering worship with the Heavenly Father.

• On Tuesday Jesus taught the masses in the temple. And so we, met for a Bible study and offered open prayer throughout the day.

• On Wednesday Jesus retreated and spent the day with friends. All the while Judas and the powers in charge were working in the shadows to bring about His demise. We spent time in worship with the brethren.

• On Thursday he gave himself to His disciples. He had a good meal with them … the last supper. Then, in the final hours of comfort Jesus taught the a “new commandment” a commandment that was to be and become the trademark of the Church. I find it more than curious that his final words would be words of instruction.

• On Friday he gave Himself to the world. He placed Himself in harm’s way to ransom and redeem humankind.

In the final summary, I would suggest Jesus spent his last days preparing life and eternity for others rather than soaking in all that earth had to offer for himself.


Post-Video Comments:

They “fixed His wagon” didn’t they? They saw him riding into Jerusalem on a colt and proclaiming Himself as King of the Jews and they knew that this time they had to stop Him permanently.

He came close … but they showed him who was in charge.

He won’t be stirring the masses any longer … He is gone! Dead! They settled it once and for all!

Or so they thought.

But what they did not count on was that Jesus really was who He claimed to be. That was the “x-factor’ that changed everything.

They put Him on the cross but they could not keep Him in the grave!


It is a common phrase these days. It is also very accurate. In most cases it does the hearer well to remember it because it places life, purpose, and relationships is a broader perspective. I have even seen a devotional/journal by this title being circulated in some circles within the church.

I have used the phrase myself on countless occasions. I use it in self-talk, I use it in parenting, and I use it in pastoral counseling situations. I use it because I believe it.

The phrase I am speaking of is … “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.”

I cannot speak for others but I can tell you that I need to be reminded quite frequently that’s its not about me otherwise my world gets pretty small and out of focus.

But I have news for you on this Resurrection Sunday … I have GOOD NEWS … When it comes to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, IT IS ABOUT YOU!

In fact, it is ALL about you. The whole sum total of the day and the divine mission was … YOU.



When you read the NT, you see that Jesus’ disciples were not expecting him to rise from the dead, but when the truth about his resurrection dawned on them, it changed their lives. Their despair turned to joy. Their hopelessness turned to purposeful living. Their timidity turn to courage.

The Apostle Paul counted himself among them. He was violent toward Christians, going out of his way to inflict persecution on them. But when he met the risen Christ, the direction of his life completely changed. In v. 10 he says, “By the grace of God I am what I am.” He knew he didn’t deserve it, but God had changed him.

I hope you can you say that.

For the past week we have had a list of sins from the Bible projecting on our cross in the front of the sanctuary. It seems vulgar; almost wrong to let them flash across the cross. It was vulgar. It is vulgar. But it was essential for our sins to be placed on the cross. It was only when the sacrifice was made that our spiritual need could be satisfied.

You see, it was about you … and to God’s Son you were worth the humiliation of the cross.

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