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Summary: Before the Cross, is His story...who He was and why He came. After the Cross, there is nothing. Nothing more to come. All that is needed has been done. It is finished.

Open: Bible tells us "God made Sabbath for man." For rest and to remember the work of Jesus Christ

Today: Special Sabbath Easter This week-end represented Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.

God had a plan. It started in the garden-- 1 sacrifice for 2 people

Later nation of Israel came through Abraham--1 sacrifice for 1 nation

Once a year they would bring their perfect lambs to the priests. It was the Day of Atonement.

Imagine...you having to pick a perfect sacrifice. One without spot or blemish. After paying for your lamb you would then take it to the priests. You would enter the outer courtyard of the Temple. Ahead of you was the "Holy Place". You would feel drawn to it, couldn’t take your eyes off it. The priest would take your lamb and as you placed your hands upon its head, to transfer your sins to the lamb, he would kill it. He would then sprinkle the blood before the "Holy Place". You would start to follow him. Just as he enters the "Holy Place" the priest turns and holds out his arm...you stop. You are not allowed inside. Your heart begins to sink. Just as you begin to turn, the High Priest brushes past you carrying a bowl of blood. As the curtain begins to fall back you see him pick up a bowl of burning incense before he enters the Holy of Holies. You know...he is about to set foot before God and with all your heart...you wish you could follow.

The Holy Temple--where God dwelt inside...man dwelt outside.

Over time the Temple, rituals and traditions became their religious system. That’s what they valued. They were looking for a Messiah...not a Savior from sins.

When Jesus came--He was not what they expected.

He did not meet their expectations. They wanted a King to save them from Roman rule. As Moses led them out of captivity in Egypt, they were looking for the one to bring them out from under the Romans. They wanted to be set free from bondage to their rule. He did not meet their expectations!

What about us--are we looking only for Jesus to save us from our problems, but not from our sins? Do we only look to Him to set us free from the strangulation of our bad choices?

Jesus taught love and compassion.

Showed disciples He would be with them always, no matter the circumstance.

He fed crowds--provided for their needs, healed them, blessed them...

But...they had other expectations.


Mocked, beat face/head, whipped and spit upon Him. Then nailed Him to a tree.

READ: John19:28-30

IT IS FINISHED: Can’t add to it. His work is complete.

Before the Cross, is His story...who He was and why He came

After the Cross, there is nothing. Nothing more to come. All that is needed has been done. It is finished.

ILLUS: Carpenter makes the very first chair. 20 chairs later--can’t sit on it until the seat is in, stands back, looks it over, tries it carefully out, satisfied. His wife tries it and proclaims, "It needs nothing more. It is finished."

It is finished:

For Salvation

For Keeps

His Grace Saves us and Keeps us. Finished/complete.

Matt. 27:51 says after He died--- Veil tore from top to bottom...in a way and at a height that could not be put to a man

60 feet high 30 feet wide 4" thick

Significance of the torn veil?

1. No more sacrifice

a. Did anyone come in with a perfect lamb today?

b. We don’t have to go to a particular place in a particular country to offer sacrifices

c. We don’t have to face an outstretched hand telling us, "you’re not allowed".

2. Nothing/no one to stand between man and God

a. Wherever you are, you alone can now come before God

b. What a privilege! What an honor!

3. Symbolic of Christ--Superior High Priest--The Way (Jn. 14:6)

a. You must go through the Cross to enter God’s Presence.

4. God’s Presence left the Temple to enter a Temple not made by man’s hands but, made by God.

a. YOU are now the Temple. In you is the Holy of Holies where God’s Spirit resides

Now, you can follow Him.

He offered His life once for all-- Read Heb. 7:25-27

There is NO MORE SACRIFICE--able to keep us forever!

Before the Cross is His story. After the Cross, there is nothing to come. It is finished.

Jesus is our hope:

for an abundant life

for eternal life

Let us give Him praise...it is finished.

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