Summary: It is good for me to draw near to the Lord. A message about drawing nearer to God.

It is Good for me to Draw Near to God

Psalm 73:21-28

Intro: In these first few verses we see a person who is under conviction of some kind.

-Have you ever felt this way before God?

-Grieved – sour – just out of sorts

-Pricked in the heart – heart felt like a knife had gone through it.


--Not happy


--Foolish – feel like an idiot – with no sense

--Like a beast – big clumsy animal.

This individual was crying out to God,

-He was not right with God

-He was not close to God

-He wants a closer relationship with the Lord.

-He wants to be right with God.

-He feels a great need for the Lord.

-He feels the need to draw closer to God.

To draw closer to the Lord we must….

I. Reach out to the Lord. Vs 23

-The word “continually” means to constantly be

stretching out to God.

-I am continually stretching out to the Lord

-Did you stretch out to God today?

-It demonstrates a desire to be with Him

-We stretch out to God by…


Listening to Him

-It shows a relationship with Him.

-Often my wife stretches out just to touch me…

-We stretch out to God…

--For an assurance of His presence.

--For answered Prayer

--For strength

-For wisdom

-We continually stretch out to the Lord.

II. You hold me by my right hand. Vs 23b

-To hold as a possession.-Never to let go.

-A bride gives her hand in marriage.

-We give our hand in faith.

-Isaiah 41:13

-What does a parent do in a crowed mall when she

wants to keep her child close. – takes them by the hand.

-Psalm 37:23-24

-When God holds our hand we are walking with

him…hand in hand.

--Where He goes…I go

--Where I go…He goes.

-Did you walk hand in hand with Jesus today?

III. We must follow His leading. Vs 24

-If we are going to be close to God, we must follow


--Proverbs 3:5-10

-God leads through the written Word.

-God leads through the spoken Word.

-We must be close enough to hear His voice.

-We must be close enough to follow His steps.

1 Peter 2:21

-To the disciples..Jesus said “Follow me”

-It seems to me that if we are holding on to His and we

have no choice but to follow.

IV. Don’t loose sight of eternity. Vs 24b

-Receive me up to Glory.

-2 Corinthians 4:15-18

-We must not get enamored with the temporal but keep

our eyes on the eternal.

-We have an eternal destiny.

-We have an eternal home.

Conclusion: Psalm 73:28

-It is good for me to draw near to God

-To put my trust in Him.

--To reach (stretch) out to him.

--To walk with Him hand in hand.

----To follow His leading.

----To keep my eye on eternity.

-That I may declare all thy works.

--Testimony in praise.

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