Summary: Trying times teach to hold on and trust God

It’s A Test, It’s Only A Test

Scripture for today Matthew 15:21-28

PASTOR James Thomas Jr.

House Of Judah Ministries

It’s a test, It’s Only A Test


1)A procedure for critical evaluation; a means of determining the presence, quality, or truth of something

a.) a means for determining our presence of mind our quality or for a better answer what we are made of and the truth of our words.

2.) A basis for evaluation or judgment

GOD will test us many times and many different ways for various reasons.GOD will test our faith through our family our jobs and through our closest friends. Each test will carry with it requirements that we must meet to either to excel or fail. The results of our test will determine the level of our next test. Does that make sense to you? That means GOD will decide if we are ready to move to the next level by how we handle each test. GOD will allow us to either hang ourselves, or excel in him the option is strictly ours and the outcome is directly derived from our actions. Before we go any further let’s examine the text for today.

The bible says that This woman who seeks healing from Jesus is a Canaanite, first of all she has no right according to Jewish custom to be talking to Jesus. Or to be seeking him for anything, yet she shows her desire and determination by addressing him anyway. Jesus has chosen to test her resolve and character. Her actions and sincerity will determine how Jesus reacts to her. Jesus hears her when she first addresses him yet he chooses not answer. Yet his disciples his followers who are there, petition Jesus to send her away, they have decided she is an annoyance. The disciples have just been tested for compassion and have failed. Don’t feel bad if you don’t make the right decision every time this lesson is here to show us that even the ones who walked with Jesus missed it sometimes. Jesus answers her at this moment purposely He says I am not here for you, you are not Jewish. I am sent for my people and you are not one of them. Something strange happen then the woman comes and worships Jesus. Again she said Lord Help me. Then Jesus answers her again this time he says it is not meet meaning (good) to take the children’s bread meaning the bread of life the word and cast it to the dogs. Whoo wee now that’s deep I don’t know how many of us would keep talking to a man prophet after he has just called us a dog. We have a hard enough problem with people who say things about us now. First he ignores you then he says he doesn’t want to be bothered with you then he calls us a dog that’s a big pill to swallow.

Let’s be honest how many of us would continue to ask our pastor or one of the ministers or anyone for that matter to pray for you after he or she has called us a dog. That’s a test. This young lady is persistent though she realizes this prophet that she has heard about, this man of GOD, this rabbi has something she needs. She has determined that he is her only connection to GOD, her last hope, her one and only chance to get her daughter healed, and she has decided she can’t get it anywhere else. She had heard of a man who said ask and it shall be given unto you. She answered Lord again yet the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the masters table. Then Jesus answered O woman great is they faith be it unto thee even as thou wilt. Jesus tested the woman for her resolve; he knew her question and need before she brought it to him. He knew it was not the custom for the gentiles to address him but he wanted to see what she would do. She addressed him anyway he tested her perseverance because even when he proclaimed that he was not here for her she continued to seek him. The disciples were tested because they were to preach the gospel to everyone and to operate in a spirit of love toward everyone. Jesus had to teach them how to operate in love, her faith proved greater than the disciples. God sets task for us and ahead of us to test our reaction, problems in the family it’s a test GOD wants to see how we react do we react with flesh or do we recognize the enemy and react by praying and taking it to the LORD IN PRAYER. GOD tests us to see how planted we are he has to he cannot send unequipped uninformed soldiers into battle. Our actions will determine our blessing and our tribulations. The test GOD sets before us and our actions as we go through will determine our walk with GOD. OUR Attitude will determine our altitude how we go through will determine where we are in GOD. Everything GOD does is a test we determine our fate not anyone else not anything else but us. We pray then when we feel like we’ve prayed long enough and it seems like GOD hasn’t answered we tend to try to compensate and our flesh wants to take over and we try to figure a way out. But I stopped by here to tell you this morning that GOD sees and hears all he knows our situation before we do but he waits to see what we will do GOD is patient and perfect in his will he is not going to force us top do as he wishes. GOD will allow us to go through to ensure we have learned our lesson. Peter stepped out on the water Jesus knew he could reached out and carried him. Peter’s test was much like ours to keep our eyes on Jesus no matter what the situation looks like, but like many of us

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