Summary: The Bible stands the test of time.

It is, what it is

Intro: The bible

1: God’s word

a) infallible

b) the truth

c) the answer to every and any question

Point: Scripture is the language God speaks to his children, communication is always up and there is always a crystal clear signal. Many throughout history have tried to defraud, debunk, and dissect the Holy Bible. Too millions it is the prescribed reading for a healthy lifestyle, strong family bonds, and everlasting life.

2: The skeptics

a) modern science and all the wonderful advancements we enjoy everyday

b) the society we live in and work in, everyday pulling and pushing us farther away from God

c) non believers

Point: These are just a few things that attempt to discredit the scripture; many say it’s just a book like any other book. Words on paper doesn’t matter what color the ink is, or who it was that supposedly wrote it.

Body: 2 Tim 3:16

1: Inspiration of God

a) the apostle Paul wrote these words

b) all scripture is given by inspiration

c) What does it mean to be inspired?

Inspire- to cause creative activity/ to breathe in

Point: Paul teaches us that the scripture is God breathed, that the words have life within them. That the Bible is more than just paper between leather bound covers, it’s a living book. Its God’s creative activity lay out on pages before our very eyes.

2: 2 Peter 1:21

a) but the Bible was written by men

b) not by the will of man

c) holy men spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost

d) this is where most people lose faith

Point: the fact is true the Bible we have today was comprised by man, Paul teaches us that the scripture is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. These men tasked with recording and writing were truly touched and God’s hand was ever presently upon them.

3: Prove it

a) 39 books in the Old Testament

b) 27 book s in the New Testament

c) that’s 66 books in all

d) The Bible has a range of authors from slaves, to warriors, priests and prophets, kings and princes, fishermen, possibly a doctor, a tax collector, even one who originally sought to destroy the church. Somehow someway they all tie together and make sense.

Point: Lol, Only explanation I can think of is God. So many from such different backgrounds and times all tell a continuing story of how God moves and works in our lives. The Old and The New work together in perfect harmony.

Conclusion: Still not convinced?

The New Testament is contained in the Old Testament

The Old Testament is explained in the New Testament

The New Testament is concealed in the Old Testament

The Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament

The Old Testament anticipates the New Testament

The New Testament authenticates the Old Testament

In the Old Testament the New Testament lies hidden

In the New Testament the Old Testament lies open

The Old Testament foreshadows the New Testament

The New Testament fulfills the Old Testament

The Pentateuch presents the figures of Christ

The Psalms present the feelings of Christ

The prophets present the foretelling of Christ

The Gospels present the facts of Christ

The Epistles present the fruits of Christ

In the old they were always seeking

In the new they found

The old predicts a person

The new reveals that person

That person is the Lord Jesus Christ, who fully validated the Old Testament

Paul in 2 Tim 4:1-4

Preach the Word

Be instant in season, out of season

Be ready at all times

The days are coming people will not hear the truth

They will turn away

How does this affect me?

1 Peter 2:9

A royal priesthood, chosen generation show forth the praise of Jesus



I AM THAT I AM Exodus 3:14

Tell them that I AM sent you and then tell them why!!!!

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