Summary: Everything you need to succeed has been incorporated into your life. God has an original intention for your life; He has something written about you. God has a specific blueprint for all the human beings he has created.


Acts 3:1-8

It is a wonderful story indeed to see someone that was carried in the morning but was able to walk by himself later in the day.

A burden in the morning but a testimony in the afternoon

A man expecting money but got what morning cannot buy, a liability a while ago but now an asset

When it is your turn things turn around. I have good news for you that it is now your turn, you have waited for long by the gate you need to enter into your inheritance.

God has created everyone uniquely. Everything you need to succeed has been incorporated into your life. God has an original intention for your life; He has something written about you. God has a specific blueprint for all the human beings he has created. But there are some wicked powers that redesign people.

1)Peter and John together

Learn to walk together with others, a Lone Ranger in life never get far. There is power in agreement.

Amos 3:3

Matthew 18:20

Learn to associate with right people. Don't die in your sorrow - share it with someone. A problem shared is half solve.

Many are too proud to be in friendship. Don’t be a lone ranger. The highest form of poverty is to be without friends. Two types of friends Pillars (build you up) and Caterpillars (they pull you down).YOUR SURROUNDING DETERMINE YOUR SOURING.

Some friends that you need in life:

Burden Sharers

Dream Makers

Way Makers.

# Burden Sharers are people who share your burden, they help you carry part of your burden. If you don't have the burden sharer you will be burdened.

# Dream Makers they are like Samuel who make your dream comes through I Samuel 9:

Saul have a dream but vision enhancer and dream makers

# Way Makers -Those who can put their life at stake for you to have way - John the Baptist was a way maker for Jesus. Way makers break barrier to protect you.

2) At the hour of prayers

Those that are going to experience miracle must have an hour of prayers. It could be long or short. Prayer will keep you from evil and keep evil away from you.

Do you know one thing sickness and decease are contagious but good health are not. In order for you to maintain your healthy environment you must sanitise the same with prayers.

Psalm 5:3

Psalm 119:4

Romans 12:12

Ephesians 6:18

Philippians 4:6

Everything by prayers.

You must have an hour of prayers. An hour of prayer in the church let us raise the standard of prayer

Then comes the picture of a man

3) A certain man lame from his mother's womb

They forgets his name and use his disability to described him.

His problems became his identity and his problem replace his name

Men may call you any name but what name have you determine to answer to.

People are specially trained to name your problem that is why they are called professionals.

Blind Batemaeus, woman with the issue of blood, a lame man from his mother's womb, how do they know they are researchers.

4) The man was carried

He was a liability. You must refuse to be a liability you an asset, don't be a burden to others.

Tell yourself that you will have qualitative live. But this can only come by making quality decision.

You have the power to do Well in life

5) They drop him at the gate call beautiful

But an ugly man. Why the gate? May be they thought, he cannot get healing, may they thought he was not part of our group. May be they thought people should not see him with us. May be they are of the opinion that there is no hope for him any more.

Though they drop him at the gate but he was current about what could happen around the beautiful gate. You must be current: You need to be connected if in order to be current, this is an information age, don’t go about with empty heart, surround your life with good materials and tapes, read journal know what is going on. You need to be connected to be current. If you are not connected you cannot be current, if you are not current you cannot be correct and if you are not correct you cannot collect the blessing.

2 Kings 2:15 And when the sons of the prophets which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said, The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha. And they came to meet him, and bowed themselves to the ground before him.

6) They position him daily at the gate (Position your self rightly), the way you position yourself in life will determine where you stay in life. Right position determines your allocation in life, YOUR POSITION DETERMINES YOUR POSSESSION. You can locate yourself in Egypt and want to enjoy the blessing of Israel, locate yourself well if you want to enjoy God’s blessing. Example of Zachaeus short but wants to see Jesus he climb a sycamore tree to see him and he got his desires.

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