Summary: Rather than just telling us what we should not do, the Lord here tells us why we should not do the things He forbids.

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

May 26th, 2013

Ephesians 5:3-7

It’s about time Beware! Caution!

Intro: In our last study, we considered verses 1-2.

• We were told to be “followers of God, as dear children

• We are/imitate God---child imitates/parent.

• love as He loves---walk/He walks;

• Talk as He talks----live/He lives

• We are/mimic/Father in all things

Hard command/follow---we need/strive/this in our day/day lives.


Well, we will consider today, another command.

• V 7 “therefore do not be partners with them.”

• Just as we are/imitate/Lord/every possible way

• We are to avoid imitating/actions/attitudes/ways/world.

This passage will speak to us about what we should not be doing as we live in this world.

Easy too:

• Fall into the same rut in which the world runs.

• go with flow of the world

• Do as/unconverted world around us does.

• Adopt the attitude of Ambrose of Milan when he said

• “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

• Many Christians do just that.

• We adopt the ways/world.

• We adopt their fashions/speech/standards/entertainment, and nearly everything else they do.

• All the while, the Lord tells us that we are to be different from them in every way.

2 Cor. 6:17: “Therefore, "Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you."

• If we are going to emulate anyone, let it be the Lord.

• If we look/example to follow.

• Look no farther than the Lord God Almighty.

With that in mind, let’s spend some time in these verses today.

I want/preach command “Therefore do not be partners with them.” Notice the challenges laid out in this text.


In these two verses, at least six sins are named.

• These sins be avoided/people/God.

• These sins marked/world that day/still mark/world today.

• Sin and sinners never change…

• They merely continue down the path of depravity.

• they are led by/spirits/world/flesh/the devil.


First off…Ephesians 2:1-3 says this…..

• The world does what it does/it knows no other way

• It is incapable of changing itself even if it wanted to.

• World doesn’t want to change.

• love of God is selfless, v. 2

• Love/world is selfish/self-centered.

The sins mentioned here prove that/let’s consider these verses.


Sexual immorality - refers to all type of sexual sin.

• includes sex before marriage/adultery

• Homosexuality/lesbianism/sexual lust/pornography

• They should not be part/life of/saint of God.

We/sexual beings/we all face temptations in this area of life.

We must be careful/temptations/not allowed to become a reality.


Impurity - speaks of “corruption and rottenness.”

• Refers to impure motives/living.

• Speaks/moral corruption.

• An impure lifestyle that dishonors God

• disregards His Word/Disrespects His commandments.


Covetousness - refers to “greed and lust.”

• Desire to possess what belongs to another.

• Anything/takes higher priority than obeying the Bible.

• V. 5 clearly says “Immoral/impure man…is an idolator.

One who covets/lusts after things they don’t possess is guilty of following after other gods.

In other words: that object of desire, whether person/thing is elevated in their life, elevated to a status of worship.

• Takes away their worship to the true God.

Obscenity - speaks of “filthiness, crudeness; that which is base and shameful.”

• Speaking/those things /dirty in nature.

• Listen to conversations, watch television

• View a movie/often see “filthiness” in action.

• Nothing appears to be sacred anymore.

Vulgarities considered pornographic a generation ago are used freely in our day.

• Dirty jokes, loose talk, sexual euphemisms abound.

• We have lost the ability to blush.


Sometimes I hear/way church people talk/it embarrasses me!

There is no difference between church/world today, and that dishonors God.

• We should dictate the standard

• Not allow the world to press us into its mold, Rom. 12:2.

• We should/thermostat/regulates/temperature around us

• Not thermometer that records the temperature


Most children today reach school with a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush. Why?

Because it’s everywhere, and most parents don’t have enough spiritual discernment to protect their children from the vile, pornographic world in which we live.

• Parents allow their children/watch what they want to

• Even/parents themselves/selfish/they watch what they want, with no regard to what their children see.

• If you are that of parent, how can you punish your child when they drop the F-bomb

• Or when they come out with crude humor.

• You should find someone to whip you

• Because it’s your fault!

• They learned it from you!

• We need a return to godly standards in the home.

• Society is not going to change.

You can’t trust Federal Government/FCC to set proper standards of decency for you and your family.

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