Summary: Believe it to Receive it!

It’s In The Bag

Psalm 23

Subject: Believe it to receive it!

The town preacher was walking through town one day. Mulling over in her head what to preach on Sunday morning. Wondering what word from on high would the Lord give her. She pondered upon the sickness that was running rampant in the congregation. She thought about the children who were dealing with various obstacles at school and at home. She thought about the mothers and fathers trying to raise their children in a world that seemed to be bent on hurting and abusing children. She thought about those who just could not stay sober long enough to come to church. She thought about the drug dealers on the corner across the street from the church. And her heart became heavy. As she walked in contemplation he spotted a young boy - 5 or 6 years of age. This little boy was sitting on the curb by the roadside. His clothes were tattered, his face was smudged with dirt. His shirt was missing a few buttons and his pants were to short. His feet were bare and he was in dire need of a haircut. He sat on the corner, clutching a small brown paper bag. The preacher watched in amazement as the boy gazed at the bag and giggle. She watched the small child for about 15 minutes. Finally the preacher walked over to the child and knelt beside him. When the child saw the preacher, a grin wrapped around his head and he lifted his bag toward her and asked, "Do you want candy?" The preacher smiled a looked at the small hand of the child and the small crumpled bag and he asked, where is the candy. "It’s in the bag!" The young preacher asked the boy.. "How do you know it is in the bag......" And the little boy grinned larger and said "Because My Daddy Said So!"

There was a phrase that was out a few years ago. Every time someone wanted to reassure you that everything was taken care of they would say, "it’s in the bag" or in other words it was done! Well I am here to tell you this morning that your Daddy wants you to know that it is taken care of, it is done. It is in the Bag!

When we look at this particular Psalm written by the chief psalm writer David we find him exalting and praising God and completely leaning upon him. He opens with the phrase "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want!" First of all he makes it personal! In order for us to be able to depend on God - we must have a personal relationship with him. That means more than on Sunday folks! Constant prayer, fasting, praising, reading His word, meditation, worship and repeat! We have to do like the song writer - Have a little talk with Him. Get to know Him. Commune with Him. Fellowship with Him. This way the Psalm can actually be the Lord is MY shepherd and not the one that my mom told me about or my dad told me about or my grandma used to sing about or the preacher preaches about. A personal one on one sho nuff no about Him relationship allows the Saints of God in times of trouble to look to God because He is an up close and personal! Giving us the reassurance that our blessing is on the way or It’s in the Bag!

When you do research and find what shepherd means, you will find that the shepherd is the complete care giver for his flock. He provides their shelter. He provides their food. He provides their healing. But most of all he provides them with direction! God provides us with the necessities of our lives as well...He sustains our faith with the direction of the word of God which enables us with the resources to live a life that is full. That means that we don’t have to live a life a meagerness unless we so chose! And what I mean by meagerness is not saying you have to have a great big house on a hill and two or three cars in the driveway. Meagerness in spirit...a life without joy....without peace....with out empowerment....without assurance. Meager lives come when you don’t know the Lord as your own daddy! Meager lives come when you don’t yet understand that Your Daddy will provide for you. Meager lives comes when you don’t understand that you have the assurance that your blessing is on the way - or It’s in the Bag!

Verse two "He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters" When a shepherd leads his flock, he leads them to lush pastures so that they may be fed. Now the Lord leads us to His word so that we may be fed! Without the nourishment of His word, we become weak. When we go without our feeding we loose power. When we go without our feeding we miss our blessings. When we go without our feeding - when we forget to read when trials come we will not know that the storm is passing over. When we go without our feeding...when our bills get behind we won’t know that God does not forsake the righteous. When we go without our feeding when folk talk about us we won’t know that he will make our enemies our footstool. When we go without our feeding and our pillows are wet with tears we won’t know that weeping may endure for a night but Joy is coming in the morning. When we go without our feeding and our bodies are racked with pain, we won’t know that by his stripes we are healed. But when you get your feeding...and your strength is built up you will understand that even though you can’t see your blessing, because your faith is based upon the things you hope for and not upon the things you already have seen. When you get your feeding and you are told you will not make it You can shout I can do all things through Christ that Strengthens me! When some one asks you "how do you know that God is going to bless you: you can shout because He is in the blessing business. Because you have that blessed assurance that your blessing is on the way - Or it is in the Bag!

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