Summary: Healing, miracles, signs and wonders are for today! They did not cease with the passing away of the apostles and disciples of old. In fact, we will see greater things! Greater signs! Greater wonders! Greater miracles! Get ready now.

By: Donna Kazenske

I have really been pressing into the Lord for His wisdom, knowledge and understanding regarding spiritual things. I believe the Lord is drawing us closer and closer to Himself. He wants His church to "know" Him. And when I say, "know Him," I mean really know Him for who He really is.

The Lord has so many things that He desires to show us and pour into us, but the number one desire of His heart is that we know Him more. I don’t know about you, but I need more of Jesus in my life. I need Him more today than I did yesterday. He so longs to fill us to overflowing with His Holy Spirit, but in order for Him to do that, there must first be an emptying of ourselves. We must learn how to empty ourselves of ourselves so that we can be filled with more of Jesus.

So many times, we cry out for more of Jesus, but we remain the same. We don’t allow God to clean us up and clean us out. We continue to live in our same stagnant condition regardless of how good the Holy Ghost Meetings were or how good sister suzie preached. Jesus longs to fill us to overflowing, but there are issues in our lives that He wants to deal with before we can proceed to a new level in God.

God is looking for HOLY people, a royal priesthood of people who understand their calling. We are not called to bounce from meeting to meeting and never change. We are called to be priests and kings unto our God. We are called to be holy even as He is holy.

God has been calling me closer and closer to Him this entire year. It’s been an awesome time that I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world. God has been going deeper and deeper inside my heart bringing more transformation and change into my life because I have allowed Him to do so. Most of us really don’t like change, so when the Holy Spirit comes and tells us that we need to change something in our lives, we have fits of carnality and start rebuking devils, not realizing that God is the one on our case.

I believe 2006 is going to be an awesome year for those who are now preparing themselves for more of His glory and power. It’s coming friend, but God is looking for holy vessels to carry that glory and that power.

Breakthroughs are won in prayer and in worship. They are also won in times of complete silence as we just bask in the manifest presence of the Lord. I believe the Lord is drawing us into the Most Holy Place where His presence abides in a powerful way. No flesh can operate in this place. No prayers are prayed in this place. It’s all Spirit. It’s all Holy Ghost. This is the place of intimacy with the Lord. This is the place where we receive of Him and begin to know Him as we have never known Him before. This is what the "church" longs for, yet, so many of us have neglected going to this needful place. We all want the power and the glory, but most of us are not willing to pay the price to get it.

One of the greatest things that Jesus has taught me this year is that the highest form of ministry is not preaching and teaching His word. The highest form of ministry is the ministry of being in His holy presence, in the Most Holy Place, getting to know Him. We cannot preach Jesus if we do not know Him. We can only preach that which we know.

There is a greater glory coming and even now is for some who have already been spending quality time in the Most Holy Place with Jesus. He wants to prepare us for that which is ahead. If we desire to be a part of what He is about to do, we must understand the importance of just learning how to "BE" and not "DO". It’s time for us to "BE" with Jesus and allow Him to tranform our lives so that we can be used of Him for His glory.

The harvest of souls is coming forth in ways we have never seen it before, but many churches are not prepared for the increase. It’s time for leaders to train up the body of Christ for the work of the ministry. It’s been a one man show for too long. Pastors, train your people to evangelize, preach, teach and do the work of the ministry. This is what God has called you to do. Five-fold ministers, train the people of God so they will be able to do what God has called them to do. And don’t forget to train the children. We’ve put them in the closet of the church for too long. God wants to use them in mighty ways. The same Spirit that lives in us, also lives in them.

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Vernon Ball

commented on Sep 3, 2008

I enjoyed the message, Thank You, May God Bless you and your ministries.

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