Summary: THe Title belongs to Tony Campolo. It was Friday and they crucified the LORD, but little did they know, Sunday was coming


The story of the crucifixion is probably the most repeated and familiar story of the Bible. The image of the cross is an ongoing reminder of the events that happened that day beginning in Jerusalem and ending on hill called Calvary. The events that took place may look like a bad day, but that was Friday, Sunday is coming.


Jesus was taken to Pilate and tried before the Roman procurator, false witnesses brought forth. IT WAS FRIDAY and Pilate could find nothing to charge Jesus with, but the crowd persuaded him to hand him over. Give us Barabas, whose name means “Son of a liar and murderer”, the crowd that day choose between the “Son of a murderer and liar” and the Son of God. It was Friday and Pilate washed his hands of Jesus and the case.

Maybe it is Friday for you, being falsely accused, told lies about. Maybe you’re being lied to, told you are no good, or worthless, maybe you are feeling unloved and unwanted

Maybe it is Friday for you, take heart, SUNDAY IS COMING.


And Judas, seeing he has betrayed innocent blood, does not think that God can forgive him, goes and hangs himself. Those who were his friends just looked the other way, putting the blame on him. IT WAS FRIDAY And Jesus is taken aside and beaten. The cat of nine tails, coated in sheep’s blood, with nails and other sharp objects to bite into the skin of Jesus. 39 times that soldiers whipped Jesus, turning his flesh to hamburger. Then they took him and punched him out, mocking him. That was Friday, Sunday is coming.

Maybe you’re going through the same, your friends seem to have turned on you. You’re being beat up mentally or emotionally. People enjoying your shortcomings, taking opportunity to jab you with sharp cutting words, leaving you emotionally or mentally scarred. IT MAY BE FRIDAY, BUT SUNDAY IS COMING


The soldiers wove a crown of thorns, Jubian thorns hard as nails, and beat it down on the head Jesus. They placed the cross on his shoulders and made him carry it up the Via Delarosa, the steepest street in Jerusalem. The crowd jeered and mocked him, pulling his beard from his face as he stumbled up the street. Isaiah tells us that his features were so beaten he was beyond recognition. He fell carrying the cross, the soldiers made Simon the Cyrene carry the cross.

Maybe it is Friday for you too, pressures of the job or the home wearing down on you. Worries of health of loved ones, financial burdens, your own health not that good that the suffering has taken your joy.



And darkness covered the city, Jesus was on the cross, hanging between two thieves. The soldiers below him casting lots for his clothing, the crowd jeering him, he saved others let him save himself. It was Friday, and the thief on the other cross says “Remember we when you come to your throne.” It was Friday and Jesus cries out “My God MY God why have you forsaken me?” It was Friday and Jesus experiences for the first time in his life separation from the Father. It was Friday and Jesus says “it is finished, Father into your hands I commit my Spirit” The curtain in the Temple is torn in two. The centurion standing there confessed “This is the Son of God” It was Friday and Jesus died,

Are you surrounded by darkness, does it seem like you are all alone, take heart, that is the way it was for Jesus that Friday, BUT SUNDAY IS COMING.

It was Friday when they took him from the cross and laid him in a borrowed tomb, sealed with a Roman seal, and a legion of soldiers placed to guard the tomb. The disciples were saddened and distraught, the women were in mourning, the enemies were worried. It was Friday, Sunday is coming.

Are you weakened, overcome with stress, overcome with worries, distraught and dejected? Are you alone, self esteem at an all time low? Do you feel the walls closing in around you like there is no way out? That is how Jesus may have felt that Friday. BUT SUNDAY IS COMING.

No matter what the world has done to us, Jesus says “I have told you these things so that in me you will have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.” [John 16:33]

Those who are His have this promise, you can have it too, all you have to do is give Him your life. He who overcame the world will help you and strengthen you. Will you give him your life today? If not why do you wait? Today is the day of salvation.

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