Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: If you are growing as you should, you are closer to Him today than you were when you got saved.

Pastor Allan Kircher

Genesis 43:1-10

Feb, 9 2014

It’s about time…to grow up!

Intro: If you will remember the story:

• Joseph’s brothers sold him in to Egyptian slavery

• Told/father he was dead/they/concerned, Joseph was dead!

They went on/their lives/though never see/brother again

• they never expected to

• God had other plans!

While they are living their lives in Canaan

• God is working in Egypt!

Down in Egypt….story from slavery to prime minister.


• Joseph/developed a plan/store up grain/lean years ahead.

• Famine comes, it affects all/countries

• even/Canaan/Joseph’s brothers/father dwell.

Joseph’s brothers make a trip/Egypt/buy grain to eat

• They meet/brother they sold/slave some 20 years before.

• He recognizes them, but they do not recognize him.

God uses Joseph to awaken the dead consciences of his brothers.

• Joseph wants them to think about what they have done

• He accuses them of being spies

• Throws Simeon into prison until the other brothers return home and get their youngest brother Benjamin.

• The brothers return home/grain, but no Simeon.

• Jacob again grieves/refuses to allow/boys to take Benjamin

• After a while, the grain runs out/they/forced to get more.

• That is where our text begins today.


In this passage, discussion Judah/fourth oldest and Jacob himself.

Judah is trying to convince his father they have no choice but to return to Egypt, with Benjamin, to get grain.

• Otherwise, they will all starve to death.

• Gist of what is taking place here.

• But, as is so often true/Bible/more here than meets the eye.

What we see in these verses:

• Rebellious man demonstrating/fact he beginning to grow up.

• How God used events/Judah’s life to bring him to maturity.

God uses/events/shape Judah/leader he will one day become.

• There is help for us in these verses!

• God/trying do same thing in your life/mine.

• He desires we reach a place of maturity.

• This truth/stated for us/NT.

Eph. 4:13-15…

Let’s examine this passage to see how the Lord worked in Judah’s life to bring him to the place of maturity.

We need these truths because God is doing the same thing in your life and mine.

• Might use different processes to achieve His goals

• But the end result will be the same.



Judah is mentioned in verse 3.

Take/minute/remember what king/man we are dealing with here.

Gen. 37:26 –talked/brothers out/killing Joseph/selling him as a slave instead

Gen. 37:31-35 –part/lie broke Jacob’s heart

• Told/Joseph/dead/Jacob entered/extended time/mourning.

Gen. 38:1

• sought fellowship/Adullamite/Hirah/

• Sought a wife, he married an unbeliever.

• 7-10 raised two sons, Er/Onan/so evil God killed them both.

• 12-16 controlled/fleshly lusts.

• His wife died/sought female companionship/bed/woman he thought was a harlot.

• Guilty of committing incest/daughter-in-law.

• She tricked him, but he was still responsible for his actions.


Gen. 38:24-30 – Judah/judgmental.

• Tamar/pregnant/incestuous relationship

• Ordered her to be burned for her infidelity.

• she exposed him as the hypocrite he was

• relationship produced twin boys

• One/become a distant ancestor/Lord Jesus, Matt. 1:3.


We look at a man like that and we say, “He’ll never amount to anything! God can’t use a man that wicked.”

• The fact is, God had big plans for Judah.

• God was working in his life and on his heart to transform him into a leader among his brethren.

• God/working/Him make/blessing/nation/Israel Gen.49:8-12.


• Judah was a rough piece of timber

• God had a plan to work him into shape!

• read your Bible/many of those God used/greatest of way

• They started lives wrong side of righteousness.


• prostitute/came to know God

• Became an ancestor of the Lord Jesus Christ.


• Gentile and a pagan

• Came to know God/became an ancestor Lord Jesus.


• committed adultery/lied/guilty of murder

• God forgave him and used him.


• tax collector/employ/Roman government

• Thief, a liar/cheat/God saved him/used him/his glory.

Gaderene Demoniac

• demon possessed/lived in the tombs

• Entire region scared half to death.

• He met Jesus and became a powerful witness to God’s grace and life-changing power.


• Own testimony/guilty of terrible/gross sins Acts 26:9-11.


Many more could be named!

• Not/single one/perfect when He found them

• all dirty, filthy and full of sin

• God knows how/clean them up/use them as vessels/honor.

• People in this room right now/ashamed of your past.

• You are right to feel that way

• Never think for an instant God can’t bless you and use you.

If you have been saved and washed/blood/Lamb

His precious blood has negated your past.

Every stain washed away

you are clean in His sight!

I praise the Lord He is the “Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world,” John 1:29.

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