Summary: It was a “New Day” for the Hebrew Christian!

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Review of Chapter 11 – the “Hall of Faith”

A. The Hebrew Christian was a direct descendant of the great men and women of great faith

B. Direct result of anyone that ever represented the holiness and righteousness of God in the Old Testament.

C. Awesome blessings (of teachings, ethics and spiritual values)

D. Awesome responsibility (not to shame their forefathers)

E. Awesome accountability (to minister to others)

F. They should never discount, or take for granted, or ever forget the goodness of God that had been passed down to them.

G. These Hebrew converts had more going for them (spiritually) than anyone else in the world.

H. Great heritage and great lineage

But something was missing in these blessed saints of God.

Text: Hebrews 12:1 thru 3


It was a “New Day” for the Hebrew Christian!

God was telling them it was time to:

A. Throw off those things that so easily distracted them from the true cause of Christ.

B. Pursue their new destiny in Christ with perseverance

C. Fix their eyes (focus) on Jesus Christ exclusively

D. Consider the sufferings of Christ at the cross of Calvary

This was quite a wake up call to the Christian Jew.

Likewise this is a wake up call to us. It is a “New Day” for us.

Why were these things important for them to realize?

A. The legalism of the Jewish law was no longer necessary

B. They were well grounded in the foundation of the Lord

C. Many of the New Jewish Believers were discouraged and getting ready to give up on their new found faith

D. The stories of persecution were frightening them

E. Being sold out to Christ required more discipline and faithfulness (on their part) than they had realized

F. Being religious was much easier than being faithful (and, being told how to live)

G. They were use to the priest being the only one who had to make sacrifices for God. Why should they have to suffer?

H. Being a traditional and religious person meant pretty much always having it your way

For the first time, these folks were faced with what they thought were “hardships”.

This letter was written without commas, paragraphs or chapters.

A. Chapter 11 was a reminder of the great things of God

B. Chapter 12:1 thru 3 was a pep talk that would help them motivate them to faithful in living for Christ

C. Chapter 12:4 thru 10 came as a strong word of caution on how the Lord deals with His children.

There was a false doctrine the Hebrew believer had bought into.

A. Being a follower of King Jesus would make things easier.

B. There wasn’t going to be hardships or struggles anymore.

C. The word “grow weary” in verse 3 referred to those who would be beaten for the sake of the Gospel.

D. The word “lose heart” referred to those who would fall away from (backslide) the Lord because the Christian put new demands on their life.

Sometimes, as believers, we expect things to go easy for us.

That is why the next few verses were written for us living today.

Read verses 4 thru 11.

This is the side of Christianity that you might not ever read about down at the Bible Book store. You may never attend a Christian conference entitled, “The Blessings of God’s Hardships”.

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