Summary: I don't know what it is that you have lost but God wants you to know you can get it back

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It’s coming back

Who am I talking to tonight? I know you're here, (like that Young prophet in our text you’ve

lost something valuable and necessary.

I want to prophesy to somebody tonight. (It's coming back.)

Somebody needs to prophesy to themselves it's coming back.

You may be in a similar situation to the young prophet in our text. You’ve lost something and from all the evidence it's gone.

You look but you can't see.

It is out of sight.

There's something you need to know:

just because you can't see something does not mean its not there.

(It may be lost from your sight, you may not be able to touch it, you may not be able to hear it or feel it. But that doesn't mean it's gone

I have often pass by or overlooked something and thought it was gone, to later discover it was there all the time. To the young prophets credit, he immediately recognizes his loss, He immediately acknowledges his work is ineffective.

He recognizes to continue the work without this axe head would be a fruitless effort.

Let me just pause here to ask a question, how many Christians have been like Samson, they lost the power, the anointing is gone, or like the young prophet, the axe head is gone. But like Samson they continue to shake, but its all flesh, soulish human effort?

They continue on with their axe handle in hand going through the motions still swinging, trying this program and that program, shouting at the right places clapping their hands at the right places, even talking in tongues, but there's no presence, no power, no anointing.

There are many in the body of Christ fall into that category.

There are many who have lost the presence and power, but they keep on swinging.

A lot of action, a lot of noise, but no power.

They fool a lot of people, they even fool themselves, equating action with anointing.

Our scripture text brings to mind the prodigal son, (Like the axehead that fell into a Water hole) The prodigal son fell into a hole. (A pig pen) we don't know how long he was gone, but we do know how low he went. He went to the bottom, like this axe head did.

Then he came to himself.

The father couldn't see his son, like this axe head, he was out of sight, he was on his way home before his father could see him.

In an unseen place something happened. (He got up from the bottom of the pig pen and headed home.)

And I need to prophesy to some moms and dads who have prodigals that are living in the pig pen.

Don't quit praying, don't give up, something is happening, you can't see it, but something is happening. They may be at the bottom of the pit, as low as low can go. But something is happening right there.

This young prophet couldn't see it but down at the bottom of that water hole something miraculous was happening, an iron axe head was lifting up, it was getting up.

Just like the prodigal son, I will arise and go home.

And then the axe head started swimming, it started coming toward an expectant young prophet.

The prodigal started coming toward an expectant father. We know that's true because he saw him a far off.

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