Summary: A look at how we need to make the Gospel attractive in our lives if we are to reach people.

Ugly bunch don’t you think? This week’s edition of people magazine included pictures of the world’s 50 most beautiful people, as selected by their readers. The group you saw were the photos that were posted online at People’s homepage.

All fairly attractive people and yet it was interesting to note that in reading the write up included with each picture most of the people had comments about what they did to make themselves more attractive. For example Freddy Prinze Junior said that he had to pluck his eyebrows on a regular basis or he would look like Bert off of Sesame Street. And

In the scripture that was read this morning was the statement Titus 2:10 Then they will make the teaching about God our Saviour attractive in every way. Have you ever thought of your responsilbity in making the gospel attractive. Now most us figure that would be as difficult as making the bunch we had up here attractive. Kind of following the old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

But think about this, reality is often more attractive then the best photographs or images. I have photos of the high Artic and the purple and rose hues in the rock contrasting with the blue white of the icebergs and deep indigo of the ocean are incredible. But they are a far cry from the breath taking beauty of the real thing.

Has everyone here seen pictures of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World? But until you stand at the food of Cinderella’s Castle and look up watching the graceful spires and pinnacles reach for the clouds you have never really seen the full beauty of it. And Niagara Falls is just another set of waterfalls until you said up to its splendour on the “Lady of the Mist.” And so the Gospel is just another religious philosophy until it’s seen in all its beauty in the life of the believer.

You see, as a Christian, you make the Gospel a reality. Until it comes alive in your life it’s just a theory, a concept, a viewpoint. But when the life saving power of Jesus Christ reaches deep into your sin stained soul and washes it whiter then snow, then my friends you have left the realm of the theoretical and entered into reality. And with that reality comes our responsibility of making the gospel attractive, because it will be

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