Summary: It’s not a Secret as to what God can do for You!!

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It’s not a Secret

ACTS 26:26

Its not a secret what God can do tonight!

It’s no secret what He’s done for other people.

Nor is it a secret what He’s done for you

And He can and will do it for you!!!

And It’ll be with arms wide open

He’ll forgive you and Me For EVERYTHING!

Many many years ago, the Apostle Paul

said this same thing but in different words.

He was before King Agrippa, and He preached

God’s word. And it was a powerful sermon.

He told of his failures in his life, and how

He was totally against Christ in the beginning,

just like You and I have been!!

And He said the King knows about these things’

they weren’t done in a corner!

He was simply saying that God has done

some wonderful things!

And it ain’t no secret what God did.

He revealed all these things to men!!!

Do you know where to go to learn about

this stuff.

Where can we find the revelation of what

God has done?

You won’t find it in this world.

Even though God is revealed here.

God’s footprints are everywhere you look.

They are on every mountain

and in every stream, and every ocean.

God’s handiwork is so easy to see in

the Sun and The Moon and The Stars.

You can see Him in every tree and every

flower and each blade of grass.

But do you know where you can find

God’s most wonderful work of all???


The Holy Spirit reveals everything to us

in God’s word.

And what is the greatest thing revealed to

us in the Holy Bible???


The Bible is full of the things concerning

Jesus Christ!

He’s in the center of the Bible

He’s the subject of the Bible.

He’s the one who walks up & down every page

and leaps out at us in every paragraph!!!

And of all those in the Old Testament who

prophesied about Jesus,

No doubt Isaiah was one of the greatest!!

He told how Jesus was gonna be born

and how He would live and how

He would die.

Isaiah 7:14 says:

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you

a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive,

and bear a son, and shall call his

name Immanuel!!

God made man in his own image.

But we all know what happened

Man failed, He sinned. He broke

the laws of God.

Therefore he became subject to the penalty

of a broken law!

But God loved him and wanted to save

him from this penalty!

So God made the plan.

He would send his own son,

to this world, to shed his blood and DIE,

for the sins of man.

But how would he get here into this world.

God couldn’t send him as a grown man.

He would send him in the womb of a virgin.

And he would start as man did.

He would grow up as we did.

So He would know all the sorrows

and all the pains, and all the woes,

and He would experience all the trials

and temptations just as we do!!

God felt he would need to know these things

so that he could fully sympathize with us!!

So the prophecy of the virgin birth was given.

And finally the hour arrived for the Savior

to be born.

And God chose the virgin Mary to bring

His Son into the world.

But this woman Mary wasn’t to be worshiped,


She wasn’t supposed to be the mediator,

between God and man,

She was simply the human instrument

that Brought God’s Son into the world!!

Then You all know the story about

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