6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: The wolrd today is in a mess, our nation has made some terrible choices. But it’s not my fault.. or is it?

It’s Not My Fault…. Or is it?



It’s not my fault!…. That is such a liberating and freeing statement don’t you think?

I was so excited recently to see a new commercial on T.V.

Dr. Greg cynaumon appeared before me on my 25” Sanyo and he said that his friend Dr. Talbolt had done and extensive case study on overweight people. And after doing this research, they have determined that….. if you are overweight… IT’s Not Your Fault!

They claim to have found a stress hormone that causes weight gain, so it’s all because of stress….

I almost came out of my chair!

Everyone knows that pastors are under a lot of stress…..

Everyone knows that fathers are under a lot of stress…

There are numerous things in my life that cause stress so…

ITS NOT MY FAULT that I am overweight…

I was ecstatic to learn this…

And then I looked at some of the things that are of concern for us today in our society and in our culture and I realized that I can apply the same principles to those issues today..

>>>> For instance… did you know that there is a specific time on a specific day of the week that the absolute most amount of money is spent on products…. Not groceries but products such as appliances.. refrigerators, televisions, and so on.

And the one day of the week that more money is spent has always been Saturday….. up until recently that is.

But now, the most amount of money that is spent on major products during the week is spent on SUNDAYS between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.

BUT ITS NOT MY FAULT… because I don’t buy major products on Sundays….

>>>>> Did you know that that there is a growing concern here in Arkansas, as well as other states, over the recent dramatic increase of Embezzlements… OH, that’s embezzlement in the Church by the way….

But ITS NOT MY FAULT…. You see, I am not involved in the Church funds….

>>>> Did you know that Lifeway has predicted the death of Sunday School?

Now, they don’t base their prediction solely on their literature sales.. but the Annual Profile of the Churches show the same thing…

But ITS NOT MY FAULT….. you see, I am in Church every Sunday…..


ITS NOT MY FAULT that gambling is a problem… I don’t gamble.


ITS NOT MY FAULT that we are on the verge of losing the battle to keep marriage between one man and one woman… the way that God intended marriage to be….

You see, I signed a petition…..


ITS NOT MY FAULT that the supreme court ruled in 1992 that prayer in school was unconstitutional….

You see, I just became a Christian at the end of November in 1992


ITS NOT MY FAULT that the 10 commandments were removed from public display from a federal building in Alabama and chief justice Roy Moore was removed from office because of his stand….

You see, I support Roy Moore 100 percent….


ITS not my fault that this very month, a few schools across the nation removed the word Christmas from any songs that the kids were to sing in school activities, yet at the same time they allowed the use of Islamic words or songs…..

You see, I live in a place that would not do such a thing….


Did you know that this very week our supreme court made another momentous decision… to paraphrase justice Anthony schelia …. This supreme court that recently made the statement that they believe in the first amendment rights of free speech enough that they ruled in favor of virtual child pornography…. Because of free speech…

Yet they ruled this week that individuals and organizations will not have the right to openly endorse, support or discuss a specific political candidate within a certain time period before an election….

Our supreme court has stated that they are starting to make decisions based on what the world would have us do… and that they must even look and see how our constitution fits in with the rest of the world….

But that is not my fault, I am sick of the decisions our supreme court has been making lately…

All of these things that I have mentioned, I can look at all of them now and see that there is some one or something else to blame….

Its not my fault.. its not my fault, its not my fault……………..

…… Or is it?

Take your Bibles please and turn with me to 2 Corinthians chapter 5.

Read 2 Corinthians 5:1-21.

Paul has given us a great deal of information here in these verses..

As Christians, to be in these earthly vessels means that we are not yet at home… we have something wonderful to look forward to, something that we can not even imagine…. We will live for all eternity at the feet of our heavenly father.. we will have the riches of glory before us… we have hope… not just for the future, but for all eternity…

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