Summary: when you thought it was over God says it’s not too late.


John 11: 20 - 22

Turn to your neighbor and repeat these words after me say neighbor it’s not too late. God encourage our heart that it is not to late. A lot of times the enemy tries to convenience us that we missed our blessing. The devil will play with your mind. He will say if we would have done this at this time I will be further ahead and I would have my blessing a long time ago. So we will feel defeated due to the fact that we should have done that 3years ago. Well while that might be true in some sense, it’s not too late. God has a time for all of our lives. God time is not my time. God time is not your time. I use to say God I want you to come right now quick fast and in a hurry. And most of us really want him to come right now. But isn’t it something when God delays his coming. He delays it for a reason. Some of us can not handle a right now blessing. So he makes us wait. In our waiting he works out our patience. In our waiting he has to bring our attitude under control. Some of us have a bad attitude. We are mean and clean. It bothers me when I see saints that are claiming to know God with a bad attitude, it bothers me. Even with our attitude we want god to come quick fast and in a hurry. Saints are to be so sweet until we are dripping syrup. When I see you I should not have to wonder if you are saved and sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. I should see the attributes of the spirit. I should see love, peace, joy, longsuffering, goodness, gentleness, meekness, temperest and faith. Come on now! By the fruits shall you know them? That’s how you can tell; if they possess what you confess. Have you ever notices how people want god to move for them but they don’t want to move for God. We use god like we use table sugar in our coffee. Every morning you get up you get the sugar off of the shelf and when you finish you put it back on the shelf. We use god for our convenience. When we get in trouble we take him off the shelf. As soon as the trouble is over we put him back on the shelf. When we need a healing we take him off the shelf, as soon as we are healed we put him back on the shelf. When we need a way made we take him off the shelf, as soon as he makes the way we put him back on the shelf.

But it’s amazing how when we get in trouble and we need something we want him to come quick, fast and in a hurry. It’s a shame when that’s the only time we get real with God. And that is why God will not move for you now. He makes you wait. It’s only fair. You make him wait. But it does not mean that he is not going to move. He just wants you to know he is going to move when he gets ready. When he gets ready to move then you will appreciate God just a little bit better.

But that’s our mentality Lord I want you to come now. Fed-Ex Overnight service, Western Union. And when He don’t come now then we are going to do it ourselves.

And that’s the worst thing you can do is try to rush God. If you just learn to wait right there. God may be working some other things out for you. While you are waiting on a right now miracle, He can be working some other things out. That’s why I am learning how to rest in the Lord. There is a rest in God. There is a place where you can just stand still and see the salvation of God. While you are resting tell the devil “I know it’s not too late!”

In our text tonight. We find a story of a man named Lazarus of Bethany and he had a sister by the name of Mary and Martha. Now this was the same Mary that anointed the Lord with ointment and wiped his feet with her hair. And Lazarus was her brother. One day Lazarus got sick and his sickness was unto death. Somebody said “Go tell Jesus that he whom thou love is sick. Lazarus is lying on his bed of affliction. He is laying there with no help. But we were with Jesus when we saw the blind eyes come open, dead raised, raise Jarius daughter. The man with the withered hand, deaf ears come unstopped, lame straightened up. SO there is nothing to hard for God. Go tell Jesus that Lazarus is sick. We need a right now miracle. Tell him to drop everything because he whom thou love is sick. Tell him to forget about healing the sick, making a way. And because he loves Lazarus, He going to come right now.

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