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My brothers and sisters in a world where men and women have left their

love for God,the things of God, and the people of God. In a world where

the love of many have waxed cold. In a world where men haave become

egotistic, self centered and selfish. In a world grown socold until even

our prayers have become selfish, and self centered. I just stop to tell

you on my way to heaven it's time for a change.

Yes we have become so selfish until even our prayers our selfish and self

centered, "Lord bless me and Aunt Bea, Bob Stokes and his folks, tom small

and thats all. in such a cruel world I just stop by to tell you it's time

for a change. We my brothers and sisters live in such a world. Let me go

now into the circumstances of ours text. 1st we have what great

theologians have called the Prodical Son. This young man grew up in a home

with good morals,sound wholesome teaching, he received his religious

instruction from his Mother, He learned the art of great sportsmanship

from his father. He learned his A-B-C's and received the basics, reading,

writing and arithmitic, from his mother. He learned about the Birds and

the Bees, and the Honey in the trees, and the moon up above and a thing

called love from his faather. But one day this young man decided that he

was mature enough to go out on his own. So therefore he said to his

father, "Give me the goods that befalleth me and let me go out on his

own. So his father did as he requested of him and parted unto him his

living. And he left his whlolesome upbringing, he left his fine standards,

he left his moraals at home. And he got out there around the bright lights

of the City. And he begin wheeling and dealing,and sliping and tiping, and

ducking and dodgeing, and realing and rocking and popping hia finger, and

having a good time. But afterwhile! there arose a great famine in the

land, famine is a state of beign without the bear necesities of life. when

the famine comes all men are created equal, when the famine comes everyone

is in soup lines. There are no big I's or little you's when the famine

comes. and this young man found himsself in the hog pen now let us look at

the hog pen experience. A hog pen is a dirty and a filthy place. Some of

you here today are in the hog pen in you living and your lifestyle. but I

here the Lord saying to day come out of the hog pen. Some of you are in

the hog pen of hate, Hate got in hitler and he killed thousands and on up

in the millions, but inthe end God brought him down. And then hyou need

to come on out he hog pen of fighting one another, I heard Dr. Martin

Luther King say, You don't have to fight, Just love one another. YOu've

got to love everybody if you want to see the lord. I must cut this a

little short today because of time, and I want to talk about oold man Nic.

He came to jesus by night and said to him Rabbi we know that thou art a

teacher that comes from God, Jesus stoped himand said Nic, I've read your

resume,and I knoow that thou are an educated man, and well versed in the

law and the prophets. Haave you not read why call me master, for you see

rabbi means maaster and do not the things I say. Nic! You must be , You've

got to be, Borned again. Borned! until your hands look new. Borned! until

your feet look new. Borned! Until your daniels shake and your chains fall

off. Booorrrnnneeeddd, until you have a new walk, Booorrnnneeeddd, until

you have a new talk, Booorrrnnneeeddd, until the things you used to do you

don't do no more the places you used to go you dont go no more, there been

a great change since I been borned. HYMM! What a wonderful change in my

life has been wrought. Since Jesus came into my life, My sins which were

many, have now all been washed, Since Jesus, Since Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,

Jeeesssuuusss, Mary's Baby, Jesus, The Bleeding Lamb, Jesus, The Rose of

sharon,"Close with what he is to you, etc..., Since Jesus Came into my

life. For booking engagements send all correspondence to Rev. Michael

Allen" Li'l Allen" 317-543-3989,5236 North Arlington Avenue, Indianpolis,

Indiana 46226 "GOD BLESS"

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