Summary: Getting ready for a new year or a new vision! A change in the direction of the local church!

It’s Time for Change! Text: John 21:1-14

How many times has Jesus shown Himself to you? The Bible teaches every believer from the very beginning of time that season’s come and season’s go. For many, 2006 just meant getting up without any new expectations, but God has desires and a plan for our lives! Genesis 8:22 tell us, “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” God is telling me to tell you, “ He just wants a chance at your seed!”

I. Before a harvest can come, there has to be seed placed in the ground! Are you sowing wheat seed or tares? (Both can appear the same to men, but God sees the heart.) Check out Matt.13!

A. 2006 can, and will bring change to every heart if we will receive a new passion, and hunger for His will for our lives. (Living a life of faith isn’t boring!) Definition: Boring stimulating no interest or enthusiasm!

B. The Holy Spirit tells me to tell you, “that if what you do can be done with your eyes closed it’s not faith!”

C. John 21:3 (Read)

D. #1. It’s time for night to be over; it’s time for darkness to be removed! Illustration: (Shine the light.)

E. John 21: 4 (Read) #2. It’s time for Jesus to manifest Himself to you!

F. In Ezekiel: 47:9 God word say’s, whatever the river touches it will live! (God wants to touch you!)

G. John 21: 5-6 (Read) Have you any food? What are you eating?

H. #3. It’s time to cast your net on the right side! It’s time for obedience!

I. John 21:7 (Read) #4. It’s time to put on new garments! (Blind Bartimas.)

J. John 21:7 also say’s, that Peter jumped in! #5. It’s time for you to jump in! Peter went after Jesus!

K. What are you going after? After you get it, if it’s not Jesus, chances are you will wish you didn’t have it!

L. John 21: 8 (Read) #6. It’s time for nets that work! (If you will remember in John 5 there is another story about Jesus’ disciples fishing, but their net broke.) It seems to me to indicate that Jesus’ disciples were growing and forever changing!

M. Broken nets mean only one thing, lost fish! We don’t need to catch 100 fish and allow 50 get away! It’s time for change!

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