Summary: It is time to do some serious loving

Is there still true love in our society today.

I don’t know about you, but I believe with all of my heart that it is time to love. I mean it is time for some real love. It is time to do some serious loving. I believe that the Lord is calling the body of Christ to show real love to one another and to the world, no matter how they treat us. I believe that Christ was all about love when He walked the face of the earth. Now that He has purchased our redemption and left us here to carry out the work that needs to be done, Jesus expects us to live the same way that He lived. What does John 3.16 say?

Lately I have been focusing on the love of God through Jesus Christ. Even though I have been trying to focus intensely on God’s love for us and the great sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us, I still cannot really understand how much God loves you and me. When I look at my life and when you look at yours, we see that our lives have often been clouded with sin, lies, deceit, hurt (whether we were hurt or we hurt somebody else), pain, and a lot of other negative forces that were backed up by demonic controlling spirits. But we can give thanks to God for His love and deliverance. We can offer God thanks over and over again for saving us and delivering us from the influence and the power of sin.

Thank you Jesus!

God is calling His people to love. It is time to love. It is time for love. God often allows us to be in situations or stuff that is designed to bring out the love of God in us. Are you in that kind of situation today? Are you at a place where love can abound? Perhaps you are in a situation of great pain or sickness. Perhaps you are experiencing trouble on your job or in your home. Perhaps your battlefield is in the church. The battlefield just might be in your mind and you are truly wrestling to love someone who hurt you or deceived you. Whatever your situation might be, I suggest that the best way to deal with it is through love. I mean agape love, which is the Jesus kind of love. It was agape love that Jesus showed just before He died on Calvary. From the cross Jesus cried out to His Father on behalf of the very people who were persecuting and crucifying Him. He also cried out for you and for me. What did Jesus say, according to Luke 23.34?

Now that’s love! Here we see Jesus suffering death and agony on the cross for something that He did not do. He was lied on and falsely accused. Have you ever been lied on and falsely accused? How did you handle it? I’m glad that Jesus showed us the way to handle sin, lies, deceit, hurt, rejection, pain etc. Jesus hung on the cross because He had been rejected, beaten, kicked to the curb and sentenced to death by the very people He came to love. And yet He responded in a way that still blows the world’s mind even to this day. Jesus responded by loving the very people who hurt Him. Well, believer, what about you and me? Isn’t it time that you and I learned the lesson that God is trying to teach us? Isn’t it time for us to love despite how the world treats us? Isn’t it time for us to love, even when friends and loved ones kick us to the curb? Come on somebody and say, it’s time to love.

It’s time to love.

There are a lot of people talking about love these days. A whole lot of people are talking love smack. A lot of people are spending a lot of money buying CD’s and DVD’s about love. I-Pods and cell phones are going crazy copying songs, lyrics and videos of what the world thinks is love. But where is the true love? Men tell women everyday I love you, until they get what they want. Women do the same. They know how to work it too. They will lie just like men until they get what they want. Can I get a witness?

Do you really mean it when you say, I love you?

Even young children know how to manipulate those three words, I love you. But the love of Jesus Christ and the love that you and I are supposed to show to one another goes much deeper than the kind of love that this world knows.

A lot of people are talking a lot of smack about love in the church. But love is more than talk. A lot of love is preached over the pulpit, but anybody can preach about love. Love must be lived! Jesus is calling for some real love. It is easy for me to preach love from my computer. It is easy for you to preach love over your cell phone. But real love goes a little bit deeper than just words. Words can flatter. Words can deceive. We all learn how to become masters of words. We all know how to play the word game. Can I get a witness? But it takes more than words to be a true follower of Jesus Christ.

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