Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Alerting Christians to our responsibilities in light of the lateness of the hour.

Title: “It’s time to wake up!”

Text: Rom. 13:11

Intro. Read text. Talk about alarm clocks. Can I tell you, I don’t like alarm clocks! Why? Because alarm clocks are designed to alert you to the fact that it’s time to get up – more sleep is not an option! Elaborate I believe that spiritually it’s time for the church to wake-up to some things. Ill. Ten virgins – five were wise, five foolish, they were all asleep! We can’t reach for the snooze button, it’s time to get up, and get movin’! I believe the church needs to awake to three things I wish to discuss this morning: 1) Awake to our purpose, 2) Awake to our position, 3) Awake to the prophetic hour in which we live. Think with me first of all this morning on our need to:

I. Awake to our purpose:

A. Eph. 5:14-17 – Paul by the inspiration of the Spirit, quotes here from, Isa. 60:1. Many scholars believe that this was a part of an old Easter hymn, and was an invitation for sinners to come to Christ. Speak on invitations

B. Jesus gave his church a great commission. SPEAK

C. The church’s purpose is to be a hospital for sinners! Every church should be an evangelistic church!

D. We have a grand privilege – II Cor. 5:20 SPEAK


II. Awake to our position:

A. I Cor. 15:34 – We need to awake to righteousness! What is it? Right standing with God. If I were to ask – How many righteous people do we have here today – probably no hands would go up. Why? Practically/posistionally.

B. This “righteousness” is not our own – but His! (Imputed)

C. Ill. Mike Abbott (No names) – I’m not righteous! James 5:16 – Once we awake to our position in Christ, we awake to the fact that we can pray with power! SPEAK

D. Speak briefly on, “Second blessing”. Sinless/sinning less.

E. Don’t miss why we must awake to righteousness. Vs. 34

III. Awake to the prophetic hour in which we live:

A. A fascinating passage is found in Rom. 13:11. Let’s break it down: 1) “Time” The Gr. Here speaks not of time in terms of chronology, but as a period, era or age. 2) “Sleep” spiritual apathy & lethargy, i.e. unresponsiveness to the things of God. SPEAK 3) “Our salvation” Not our justification, but the final feature of our redemption, glorification. SPEAK 4) “Is nearer” We will be glorified when Jesus returns, which draws closer with each passing day.

B. God gave us a time clock, a timepiece, the nation of Israel! Mt. 24:32; Mk. 13:28,29; Luke 21:29 – The “fig tree” is used figuratively in prophetic scripture to refer to Israel. SPEAK

C. One day very soon, I believe, Jesus will return in the clouds to “Catch away” the church! Tragically, many will not be ready when He comes! The imminent return of Christ should be a great motivator for witnessing! SPEAK

Conclusion: We can’t reach over and hit the “snooze” button, it’s time to wake up! To what? 1) Our purpose – Shining the light, proclaiming the good news; 2) Our position – We have right standing with God through Christ; 3) The prophetic hour in which we live – Jesus is coming soon! May the Holy Spirit impress on your heart & mine, the urgency of the hour! Prayer

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