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Summary: Success and Failure in life is a matter of choice!

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With the numerous touching accounts of human sufferings for a good cause, I would say, “To Shed a Tear with the People of God is more significant than to Shout a Cheer with the People of the World!”

3. Godly Sacrifice Vs. Worldly Treasure!

Heb 11:26 He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as of greater value than the treasures of Egypt, because he was looking ahead to his reward.

We live in an era where the prime motivation of life and efforts is to gain, although, at times we lose. Everyone wants a fat paycheck, robust bank account, steady income, and all the likes. Who doesn’t want them? We all do. But when we are challenged to let go a big fraction of what we possess for a godly cause, we think twice, maybe more.

Moses lived in affluence and luxury. He had the royal rights to enjoy the best riches of Egypt. But he knew he’s a son of a Hebrew slave. It was a tough decision to make, yet he chose to follow the way of sacrifice. Moses knew.. and so must we know ….

First choice,

a. The Eternal rewards of Sacrifice

Sacrifice, in its practical sense, has its eternal rewards. We will be remembered by what, and how much, we have given away that impacted people’s lives. National heroes and heroines are remembered, not by what they have accomplished for themselves, but by what they have contributed to their country. Their names echo through generations.

Second choice,

b. The Temporal rewards of Abundance

Many people have the mistaken notion that the more material things they possess, the more they have security and peace. Not always true. Sometimes, riches can be a fuse that ignites one’s disaster. Besides, personal riches last only as long as physical life lasts. Material riches are for this material world. We can’t bring any to the after life. As the wisest man that ever lived says, “Vanity of vanities….. All is vanity…” Eccl. 12:8.


Listen to the words of some of the richest people in history, people who have, in our own opinion, reached the summit of success. They belong to the lines of “the extremely rich and famous”. Henry Ford says, “To do more than the world has done for you – that is success!”. Oprah Winfrey says, “What material success does is provide you with the ability to concentrate on other things that really matter.” Those words imply that material abundance is not the pinnacle of life. But they point to the more important things in life, which Henry Ford implied in his words “to do more than the world has done for you”, and Oprah’s words, “other things that really matter”.

In the lives of the world’s rich and famous, who became the world’s renown philanthropists, I can boldly exclaim, “The Joy of Giving from what we have far exceeds the Happiness of Gaining what we want!”


What Moses Gave Up – Most of us are Chasing After:

The World’s Measure

The World’s Pleasure

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