Summary: This is a match for life.

EPHESIANS Chapter 6-1-24

Welcome the fightof your life

Today we have one of the strongest matches we have ever had.

We have the demons of the world in a life bout with the Christians.

This match will consist of 3 challengers form life its self.

Our referee for these matches will be men looking at what he has are has not done.

Ladies and Gentlemen: in the far corner we have our children Ver:1

A. Why kids today don’t obey their parents

B. Why does it look like our kids are headed in the wrong direction?

C. Could it be because parents are not obeying God?

D. Because Parents are no longer parents.

E. What does HONOUR mean to you and you house hold?

F. God’s first commandment is HONOUR.

G. Commandment what’s that?

Our kids live just like we teach and raise them. Not all but most kids live to themselves not to any one else neither God nor Man.

Ladies and Gentlemen: in the failing corner we have our Fathers. Ver:2

A. Fathers need to show more love not so much wrath.

B. Fathers need to nurture their children in the word not the world.

C. Teach them Gods plan not yours.

D. Live Godly with them not behind them at the river are golf course.

E. Parents if we want Honor we have to give Grace.

Fathers most of our kids know more about hunting, fishing, boating

Than they do family life are the Lord Jesus.

Where are our kids to day? Dads don’t raise them and hardly ever praise them what do you expect, what do we expect.

Ladies and Gentlemen: In the falling we have our servants.

A. Who is your master?

B. Whom are you serving?

C. What are you serving?

D. Why are you serving?

Most ware the wrong Hat ( Bud Lite.)

Have the wrong shield (television)

Have on the wrong shoes (hunting boots / beach sandals)

Wrong breast plate ( not the umpire )

Wrong loins cover. (not naked )

Wrong Place. Country club , river house ,fishing club I could go on and on.

When kids start having kids something is wrong. When teens are arrested for DWI something is not right. Some one at home is showing the wrong things .Divorce at and all time high wrong breast plate.

Remember this match is for life .

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