Summary: This sermon was preached to a group of teenagers and young adults during a Youth Revival.

I’VE GOT SOME ISSUES by Rev. Jarvis Ellis

Mark 10:46-10:52


MARK 10:46-52

Young People, If the truth be told all of us in this Room have ISSUES. Oh I know you have on your “I’ve been Holy Ghost saved, fire baptized, blessed and highly favored” look on tonight but all of have some “junk in the trunk”. I DON’T CARE HOW FLY SAY YOU ARE OR HOW MUCH SWAG YOU SAY YOU GOT, ALL OF US HAVE ISSUES!!! The truth of the matter is that you have been dealing with issues and some situations that have plagued and consumed your entire whole lives. These same issues might have started as early as being in 1st grade! Because we now live in a society where young people as well as adults are exposed to things that can literally cause them to say, “where are these thoughts coming from?, and it at times will cause us to feel as if we are an outcast.” We now live in a society that is dominated by MTV, BET, and Comedy Central. You at home trying to figure out why you can look like “Nikki Minaj or dress in tattoos like rapper Lil Wayne. The reason you can do it is because God made you to be YOU!! TELL YOUR NEIGHBOR “JUST DO YOU”. Many times we are so afraid that people’s opinion of us may cause us to be ostracized and put to Shame! We don’t want to wear Reeboks because everybody got brand new Jordans and we don’t want to be labeled as “lame”. We don’t anyone to know that we’re bleeding internally; we don’t want anyone to know that we got handicaps, we don’t want anyone to know the skeletons in our closet and sometimes we feel as if it is beyond our control to stop it. We become so accustom to the pain that we want to get rid of it but we feel trapped in this situation where it seems that HELP IS NOT EVEN AN OPTION! Maybe you’re in a family and there are issues of dealing with an alcoholic Father who gets abusive! Crippled by the fact that you comes from a family full of issues(you hate going home from school, you don’t want anybody to know your parents or kinfolk because it will embarrass you), Granddaddy was an alcoholic, Daddy was an Alcoholic and the curse still has not been broken, If the truth be told, some of us can relate to this because the pressures of life can weigh you so down that you may turn to alcohol and drown their sorrows in Hypnotic, P.Diddy’s Ciroc, Gin & Cranberry Juice, and Mad Dog 20/20! Then you go to sleep drunk as a skunk and wake with a Hangover (I’m not talking about the movie) and your issue has gotten worse & the pain still has not stopped, the handicap is still there. So you try to medicate yourself with Religion. You Go to Church and try to get an answer by hearing the Pastor or your Youth Pastor and they keep telling you that it’s going to get better, they keep telling you to get in the Word, They keep telling you to pray But what they don’t know is that you’re fighting a battle that you can’t even tell your momma, you can’t even tell your dad, your homegirl and homeboy don’t even know what’s been going on with you. You’ve been coming to church and praying and it seems like God has not heard you. It seems as if things are getting worse and not getting better. So what do I do Pastor J? I’m dealing with some real issues that I can’t talk to nobody about and it keeps on making me lose mind at times. Don’t worry, I got your back because tonight we will look at a brother who is just like you and I, he has some issues.

I thought that we’d look at a man who gives us a good example of how to trust God… I believe that many of us can identify with this man in our text… because the truth of the matter is that everybody has some type of obstacle... Some type of disadvantage... Some type of hindrance that stands in their way (Physical & Spiritual)…I got a text message of good and bad news tonight. The bad news is that SOMETIMES God does not always remove the handicap/issue, whether spiritual or physical, but He does however give us the ability to overcome them... He gives us the ability to Overcome Our Handicaps/Issues...!

The text says Jesus went to a city that was cursed... Jesus had a habit of going to places that other people avoid...! He went to the accursed place...! And as He was leaving, he met a man that lived there...!

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