Summary: Without Love We Cannot Serve God

When Natalie Cole penned this song in the late 70’s – I imagine she had no idea that it would be preached one day. But when I looked at the words after the Holy Spirit placed it in my heart – I became excited. Because the words that she wrote should be the way we feel about God. It is filled to the max with actual scripture. The title alone is a statement of God. Why = well since God is “Love” – to say I’ve Got Love on my mind – simply means I am thinking about God!

She starts off with what Paul instructs in. Phil. 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus – she says “I’ve got love on my mind I’ve got love on my mind I’ve got love on my mind” – Doubling up on the statement – stressing to somebody that “Love” is what she is thinking about. If we would just let the mind of Christ be in us – love would actually be what was on our mind. If we would just remember who we belong to and what he does for us daily – love would always be on our mind. We would actually sing and mean “Woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Jesus.”

The next stanza, “And there’s nothing particular wrong It’s a feeling I feel inside” made me think and reflect on what Paul wrote in Romans 1:16, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!” She is saying there is nothing wrong with having God on her mind. It’s something she feels deep deep down down – way down in her heart. It’s something she is willing to let someone else know about. Turn and tell your neighbor = You better tell somebody! When I looked in the word and did some research I was shocked to see the action of praise is stressed more than the action of love, and I asked God “why”. He told me the way that you love me is shown through the way that you praise me. When you are not ashamed to tell someone that it was me who gave you life. When you are not ashamed to live a life that is a life of praise and thanksgiving all because you love me. All because you got me on your mind. All because you understand you praise me because you know me and you are aware of what I can do. Someone needs to see through your actions – your deeds – your walk – your talk – that you have love on your mind!

I know, some of you don’t know nothing about Natalie because you have lived saved and sanctified all your life by some self ordained rules and regulations of man. But I still like Natalie – and I still like hearing a good old fashioned love song. Anyway she goes on to what I saw as Sis. Drivers favorite song and she said, “ When I woke up early this morning It was staring me straight in my eye.” In other words when she rose up early this morning. In order to wake up with your mind on Him, you have to have a relationship with Him. You have to have a love for Him because you know who he is. Loving him enough to shout “Oh how I love Jesus, Oh how I love Jesus. Oh how I love Jesus. Because He first loved me.” Loving him so that it makes you shout “There is a name I love to hear, I love to sing it’s worth. It sounds like music to ear. The sweetest name on earth.” When you have Love on your mind – and you know why – you get excited about the fact that it was grace that saved you and you can sing “Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…..” I’ve got love on my mind!

In your arms I like to be…. Is what she says next – so she knows the old hymnal “What a fellowship, what a joy divine – leaning on the everlasting arms! What a blessedness what a peace of mind, leaning on the everlasting arms. When you love God and allow him to always be on your mind – you will learn to lean on him. Trials and tribulations won’t derail you because you have learned to lean on him. Problems and perplexities won’t make you give up because you have learned to lean on him. John 13:23 let’s us know we lean on Jesus because we love Jesus……. How many of us can be like Natalie this morning and say “I’ve got love on my mind!!??”

Now here comes the part where folk who are hung up on looking the part of a christian might get offended. You know when you are more concerned about how you appear to be rather than what the word of God instructs jus to be – but that is another sermon…. Natalie goes on and says “Caressing you gently and passionately From sunrise to sunset and all through the day” She is passionately in love. How many of us are passionately in love with God. So much so that we are not willing to let anything or anyone to pull us out of his will. How many of us caress God with our prayers of thanksgiving – or are we to busy giving Him a honey – do list. How many of us passionately seek him before we do anything or are we to bust going to quick fixes to get a temporary fix. But when you have love on your mind, you don’t have to look to other things because you are passionately in love with God. I’ve got love on my mind.

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