Summary: We need to let the light of Christ shine forth from our cracked pots of clay

Jars of Clay

2 Corinthians 4


All believers in Jesus need to praise the Lord

We know the joy and the light

We know that we are saved

We know that our sins are forgiven

We know we must share the good news

Straight not diluted, not twisted, just as it is

No Jesus, No heaven

No Jesus, No God

That straight, keeping the whole truth on display for all to see


Don’t you ever wonder why the whole world does not believe in Jesus Christ?

After all its all there in the bible clearly stated, its been 2,000+ years to spread the good news, are the evangelists slacking?

His name is used often enough on a daily basis by the majority of the western world – unfortunately as a profanity usually in vain

Yet the world knows his name, but how many believe, how many want to believe, how many feel that they need to believe?

After all why should they, most have what they want and do what they want to do, when they want to do it so why do they need this Jesus, why?

He’s dead after all isn’t he, so why is he important?

Were do we start in this modern world?

Were is the church is it lost in religion is it to inward looking, is it relevant at all in today’s secular world?

Why do we need this Jesus?

What do you mean I’m a sinner?

What do you mean repentance

What do you mean holiness?

Look its not nice to say I’m going to Hell, why don’t you, just leave me alone and get back to your Holy club!

Sound familiar?

As it states in the text “And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers”

We live in terrible times, times when the rulers of this earth have blinded the people to the truth of God and his Son Jesus

To See the Light!

How then do those so blinded by the one referred to as the God of this age, who is Satan, how do they ever get to see the light?

How do we take it to them, how do we take forth the light that the true God of all ages, who is the almighty the great I am has brought forth in the hearts of those how believe

How do the yet to be Christians get to see the glorious light of the gospel of Christ

How will the darkness be pierced and the spiritual blindness healed

Do they want to see the light?

Do those who are so spiritually blinded want to see the light

I believe they most definitely do

There is a hunger for more than this world and age has to offer

This is manifest in the new age religions, the gyms, the diets, the cults of looking good and I’m better than you, the desire for material things all speak of a need for more and unhappiness with ones lot

Consider the undercurrent of pain in the modern society, the hurt of broken relationships, failure of marriages, sexual permissiveness, abuse, murders, wars, hates and on it goes, this can’t be the meaning of life can it, billions want to know – what is the point of it all – what is the meaning of life or more importantly – what is the meaning of death?

After all it’s a fair question, it’s the one thing we are all certain to experience isn’t it, so whats wrong with asking what happens when you die?

The end, ceasing to be that death, ask and you most likely will not be in conversation long!

It’s one of those areas we just don’t like to go isn’t, people want there cake and eat it, want to do as they want, not as God wants, don’t want to hear

Maybe to be fair lets ask the believers, what happens when you die? do you think all would stick there hands up and say “I’m off the Heaven!”

Do you feel at all guilty if your one of those who did stick your hand up, did any pictures of loved ones, friends or others your know are not saved flash into your mind?

I don’t want to start a guilt trip here, at this point we trust in God we lift them in prayer, that’s the start

We must tell them of Jesus of God’s Love

Tell them of a loving Father not a tyrant out to catch them in there sin and cast them out, no willing to die for them to bring them in

“Secret and Shameful Ways”

None of us are sin free creatures, we all need Gods grace, we come if you like as damaged goods

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