Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Many have lost the race in life and have either committed suicide or have failed in life, because they have failed to know about Jehovah, who is our strength.

Jehovah Nissi!

Genesis 49:23”The archers have bitterly grieved him, Shot at him and hated him.

24 But his bow remained in strength…”

Strength! I know all of you need heaps and heaps of them! Come on, I am not talking about physical strength, I’m talking about spiritual strength. We have health-tips classes and stress-free coaching in every nook and corner of today’s society, but tell me, has there been any improvement? We have forgotten to smile! Many have lost the race in life and have either committed suicide or have failed in life, because they have failed to know about Jehovah, who is our strength. Friend, after crossing tough hurdles for than a decade in the ministry, today I can tell you that Jehovah has been my strength. Glory to God!

There are many out there fighting discouragement, illness, failure, criticism and lot more; I type this message in the quietness of the night to pick up someone out there, from the pit of loneliness and make them bounce again. Don’t allow the enemy to keep you down! Let me tell you something, the enemy knows where to hurt you, he would say the exact words that would cause deep, painful wounds, that would almost shake you to the core. I know I am speaking to someone out there! To add to the agony, they would go about their business without an iota of feeling or regret for the callous words. Be prepared! Never get bitter, angry or curl up in the corner for being treated badly, mark my words, no one would come to pick you up, we got to dust ourselves and move on. Are you there? Anger and bitterness is poison! Let me tell you a secret that would smash the enemy, forgive and move on. The Bible says, Ephesians 4:31 “Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice.”

Joseph was lambasted, humiliated and thrown into a deep pit by his own brothers, after which they sold him away to strangers at a young, tender age. He was wrongly accused and flung into the prison by the very man who earlier considered him a blessing. Forlorn, rejected, misunderstood, abandoned and condemned, Joseph spent 13 long years in the prison! The above words of his father Jacob clearly explains the depth of sorrow and pain that Joseph had to undergo; yet, I repeat, yet………here comes the words that would lift us up, that would make our feet springy, that would refresh our souls; despite all the avalanche of problems that pressed him, his bow remained in strength! Joseph did not cave in! He stood erect by the strength of God! Glory to Jesus!

Let me tell you, God is faithful! He would deliver you from this painful situation! Stay close to Him! On a particular day, when I felt miserable, lonely and shattered and also jittery of how I would come out of the present situation which I thought would engulf me, a timely ‘song’ revived me! As I was sitting in the dark in the terrace and completely filled with terror and worry, I got a call on my mobile from a young Christian gentleman who sang a song for me titled ‘Jehovah Nissi’; I tell you instantly I got up from the place of ‘self pity!’ I felt rejuvenated! I sang along with him, we prayed and I got ready to punch the devil on his face! Cheer up!

Rev. C.H. Spurgeon said: “Great trials are the clouds out of which God gives great mercies.”

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