Summary: Jeremiah was struggling and God's words to him were that it would get harder before it gets better.

Jeremiah in Crisis

Jeremiah 11:18 – 12:5

Background: Jeremiah ministered about 40 years

1. Began to minister in 13th year of king Josiah (good king) ministry was 18 years under Josiah

2. Under Jehoakim (evil) for 11 years

3. Under Mattaniah – Zedekiah (evil) 11 years

4. Under 2 other kings that reigned for 3 months each

5. Into the captivity following the invasion of Nebuchadnezzar

I. The Crisis revealed by God – 11:18

a. The men of Anathoth – priestly city

b. Jeremiah’s home town

II. Jeremiah’s request – Vengeance – 11:20

III. God’s verdict

a. Judgement on them will come

b. Reason: told not to prophesy in God’s name (11:21)

c. God would take care of it in His time (11:23)

IV. Jeremiah’s response (12:1)

a. “Let me talk with thee of thy judgements”

b. He reminds God of crisis that God originally had told him about

c. “Why do wicked prosper”

V. God’s great Re-direction

a. You are wearied by the footmen

b. The Horseman and Flood are coming

i. Footmen – family and friends

ii. Horseman – coming evil kings

iii. Flood – Nebuchadnezzar

c. Note that God re-directs back to ministry and off of my problems.

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