Summary: Jeremiah’s Forecast For The 2012 Elections A Comparison of Jeremiah's prophcies to the current culture of the 2012 elections.

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Jeremiah’s Forecast For The 2012 Elections

If You Feel This Lesson is an Endorsement Of Any Political Party Of The 2012 Elections …. You Are Very Wrong. Not Only Has The Democrat Party And Republican Party … But Every Party Has Let Down The Evangelical Christian Community. And Worse … They Have All Become A Huge Disappointment To Jehovah God.

Do Not Get Me Wrong …. I AM Trying To Influence Your Vote!!! But Not For A Person Or Party But For A Principle!!!

ILL: In All Of My Papa’s Public Prayers …(When He Was Alive) … He Quoted The Passage: “Righteousness Exalts A Nation … But Sin Is A Reproach To Any People.”

I Want To Influence You To Vote For Righteousness!!!

Stand For Righteousness!!!

Listen To God’s Voice / God’s Word / God’s Spirit And Guidance

Use Your Vote To Stand Up For Jesus / Stand On Truth / Stand In Righteousness

Stand For Our Future Generations

Please …. To Leave A Legacy Of Righteousness For Your Family

The Israelites Had Lived In The Promised Land (The 2nd Time) For Close To 900 Years.

Lead By A Godly Joshua Who (With 1 Foot In The Wilderness And 1 Foot In The Promised Land} Challenged The Children Of Israel To Choose This Day …They Crossed Over & Conquered The Promised Land

Period Of Judges

3 Kings United Kingdom

Divided Kingdom

However …. Continued Further And Further From God …

By The Time Of Our Texts For Today …The Kingdom Of Israel Had Already Been Carried Off By The Assyrians …As Prophesied By Isaiah

Then … Just Before 600 BC … A Young Man Was Born In Anathoth (3 Miles NE Of Jerusalem) To A Priest. God Had Chosen Him Before He Was Conceived

And Set Him Apart Before He Was Born To Be 1 Of The Major Characters Of Old Testament History.

As It Turned Out … His Life Was To Be A Lonely Life Of Dedication To God’s Service. He Could Attend No Feasts. He Could Take No Wife For Himself. Have No Children (Therefore No Lineage Of His Own). His Love Would Be God’s People. His Life Would Be Wrapped In Their Future

However As Sad As That Life Sounds … It Was Only The Beginning Of An Even More Unpleasant Ministry. His Message Was So Negative / Unpopular / Dismal That He Wanted To Quit Preaching. His Message Was 1 Distasteful Prediction Of Slaughter And Destruction After The Other. His Own Words Were So Unpleasant (By His Own Evaluation) That He Decided To Prophesy No More.

However He Could Not Carry Out His Plan Because The Word Of God Became Like A Fire In His Bones And Although He Continued To Prophesy What God Wanted … He Wished He Had Never Been Born.

His Overall Message Of 45 Years Was Doom & Gloom. God’s People Had Forsaken Him. She Followed After Other Gods (That Were No Gods At All). God’s People Had Abandoned Justice / Mercy. They Forgot The Fatherless / Widows. They Loved Money And Were Greedy For It. They Were About To Be Invaded And Conquered. Their Capitol Jerusalem Was Soon To Fall. And It’s Destruction Would Not Be Pretty Or Pleasant

Some Of The Visions Of Jerusalem’s Destruction Were So Terrible That Jeremiah Cried Out And Wept Before The Lord …Thus Earning Him The Title “The Weeping Prophet”. And Such Was The Condition Of Judah At The Time Of The Prophet Jeremiah.

His Life Was A Life Spent Warning A Nation Of Impending Disaster …. Unless They Returned To God.

I Believe Jeremiah Has Much To Say About The State Of The United Stated Today. As A Warning From God And The Past … I Want To Take What Jeremiah Prophesied Concerning Judah And God’s People In 585 BC And See How Accurate It Is In America 2012.

I Will Make Only 2 Changes In Jeremiah’s Words

#1 Instead Of Referring To Judah (Jews) … I Will Be Referring To Us As Americans

#2 {Remember They Were A Theocracy … Thus Their Religious Leaders Were Their Politicians} So Instead Of Using The Titles Of Prophets And Priests I Will Use The Term “Politician”

As I Read These Passages … Ask Yourself … How Accurately Do These Accusations (Spoken 2500 Years Ago) … Describe Us In America Today????

Do The Crises We Americans See Happening To Our Beloved Country Today Compare To Jeremiah’s Day? What God Was Telling Judah? Many Do Not Even Realize That Today In America … We Are Seriously Transgressing God's Spiritual Law. What Does The Hebrew Prophet Jeremiah Reveal About Our Lives Today— And Where We Are Headed In The Future?

I Will Divide These Words From Jeremiah Into 2 Categories: Signs Of The Times / The Politician’s Response


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