Summary: Jesus describes believers as those who have: faith, obedience, and knowledge; and in the garden He prays for two specific things: protection in the world and unity among ourselves. Will we follow His lead and pray for the same?

Jesus’s Garden Prayer, Part 1

John 17:1-12

Background: Arriving at the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prays

These prayers are probably one of the most important for us to learn from

It shows His heart, what is on His mind just prior to His arrest (1/2 today, read all)

∆ Jesus prays to be glorified

Glorify your son: Jesus’s deepest passion was that God would be glorified

He is granted all authority for the purpose of giving eternal life to all

But, there is more – it’s given so that God can be glorified through it

Look at the definition of eternal life: that they know God and Christ who God sent

Jesus proclaims ministry ending: Solely by finishing what He was sent to do (v4)

Work was always to redeem because God’s desire is that this was done

APP: He has set the standard for work: Finish what God has asked us to do

Now, glorify Him by bringing glory to yourself … (v5) before the world began

Challenge: Would we pray that God would be glorified in our lives like this?

∆ Jesus’s Prayer

Jesus’s prayer is revealed for us to learn from, and to grasp His heart

First, He has shown the Father to those who were given to Him (v6)

Jesus, who is now incarnate, has done what the Father has asked Him to do

To reveal God to those who now believe in who Jesus says He is (v7)

He also edified God by revealing what He was told to tell them (v8)

APP: When Jesus spoke, He gave them the very words of life, which we have also

But notice an imp fact: They accepted and they believed (life application)

(v9) simply blows me away: Jesus prays for you and I … astonishing

He prays for those who are called; those are devoted to the mission ahead

The world will have intercessors; but at this time, they are needing the prayer

Look closely (v10), see if you can see yourself in this …

“All of these sinners, who will fail you routinely, belong to me & are yours”

Jesus says He has given us everything we will ever need; and we are His

It is time for me to leave: because it brings you Glory that I should go (v11)

Protect them Father: because they are remaining and I am leaving to be with you

Protected: by the name of Christ; the name above all names (authority)

And in that name, we have unity as the Body (no religion, no denominations)

While He walked with them, they were protected by His authority/name (v12)

None were lost, except the one (Judas) who was actually fulfilling scripture

APP: Jesus’ confession of what God has done is critical: It is because of God

They were protected because of what God has given Jesus: his name/authority

For us, there is STILL power/authority in the name of Christ

∆ Big Idea

I’d like to stop here in order to set something up for Sunday

We’ve seen tonight that there is protection in the ministry of Christ

We’ve also tonight that there is power and authority in Jesus’s name

Jesus describes believers as those who have:

• Faith (believes what Jesus said)

• Obedience (follows what Jesus said)

• Knowledge (know what they’ve been taught)

But Jesus prays for two more things for us:

• Protection in the world

• Unity among ourselves

The greatest destructor of the church is always disunity

Will we draw closer together through His words or pull farther apart?

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