Summary: The childhood of Jesus gives us something to aim for in rearing our children AND something to aim for in our own lives, a sort of spiritual GED.

Jesus As A Youth

(Luke 2:39-52)

Main Idea: The childhood of Jesus gives us something to aim for in rearing our children AND something to aim for in our own lives, a sort of spiritual GED.

TS------------->Let’s note some positive characteristics He developed in childhood.

I. He Was Spiritually Astute (2:39-50)

1. When God became a man, He "emptied" Himself (Phil. 2:5ff)---Jesus mostly learned through STUDY...

2. The Jewish heritage: fluent in the Scriptures, memorized, read...

---an almost amusing tract from the Mishnah/Talmud

3. The Example of Mary and Joseph....2:39...did everything required.....

4. A big family to keep track of----travel to Jerusalem 3 times a year (women optional)

(1) Jesus 12 (firstborn); a good number of younger siblings (Matt. 13:55-57)

(2) This probably explains why Joseph and Mary were not thinking clearly...

(3) religious pilgrims traveled in large caravans--safety, convenience, etc..

5. At age 13, a Jewish Boy became a "Bar Mitzvah," son of the Commandment---considered responsible

to obey the Law of Moses...

(1) supposed to question, study, and attend lectures at the Temple 1 to 2 years before...

(2) this was done during the holidays....rabbis/Pharisees/Sadduccees...

(3) Jesus was following custom....nothing rebellious here....those of you with young children

can sympathize with this situation...had to be about His FATHER’S business...(trade)

6. As your children enter the teenage years, you want them to be spiritually astute:

(1) convictions to counter error, peer pressure or wrongful compromise

(2) conscience that punishes evil and rewards good/counteract selfishness

(3) character that stands without constant supervision

7. Although the synagogue helped train kids, most training came from dad and mom. Today, we cannot subcontract our children to others; AWANA, Sunday School, etc., help supplement what kids get at home, but not enough...

II. He Respected Authority (51)

1. It is almost comical to think that the Creator of the Universe who had become man should have to obey an authority....but He did, because He had really become man...

2. Principle: If you want to lead, you need first to learn how to follow...

3. Parents do a service to their children if they teach them to respect authority...

(1) Dr. Sweeting’s dad, "Obey me, and you’ll find it easier to obey God."

(2) Parents who have problems w/authority often refuse to exercise authority on kids...

(3) We must COMMAND respect (You think you know more than me, but you don’t...)

(4) We must correct disrespectful attitudes....not let them go unchecked....within reason (complain)

4. Children know HOW to be kids; we need to teach them how to be ADULTS, and that begins w/respect.

III. He Was Balanced (52)

1. Wisdom (sense and decision making)

(1) mind over emotion---truth over feelings

(2) postponement of gratification

(3) absolute truths

(4) principles to live by (Proverbs)

(5) universe does not revolve around us, but we have responsibility to society at large

2. Stature

(1) physical growth/healthy habits

(2) strength for work (carpenter---builder) development

3. Favor with God

(1) spiritually can be very spiritually minded...

4. Favor with Man

---both Prv. 3:3-4

(1) Social skills...

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