Summary: What questions are you asking, and to whom are you speaking?


After the Northern Kingdom,with its capital in Samaria, fell to the Assyrians, many Jews were deported to Assyria, and foreigners were brought in to settle the land and keep the peace. (2 Kings 17:24). The intermarriage between those foreigners and the remaining Jews resulted in a mixed race, impure in the opinion of the Jews living in the Southern Kingdom. The Jews did everything possible to avoid traveling through Samaria, but Jesus had no reason to live under those restrictions.

I. The Reality Of His Humanity

v.7 "Will you give me a drink?" The subject of his own temporal thirst would be used to open her heart to her spiritual thirst that would ultimately be quenched by his LIVING WATER FOREVER!!

Jesus moved away from his own need suggesting to the woman that her need was indeed deeper and could be satisfied through the gift of God.

II. The Warmth Of His Sympathy

This woman:

1.Was a Samaritan/a member of the hated race.

2.Known to be living in sin.

3.Was in a public place (no respectable Jewish man would talk to a woman under those circumstances).

JESUS DID! She at last met someone who was not a critic but was compassionate!

THE GOSPEL IS FOR ALL PEOPLE! Jesus crossed all barriers to share this Gospel and we are called upon to do no less.

III. The Breaking Of All Barriers

Having been with five previous men had produced for this woman, quite a reputation in her town. She brought up a smokescreen of "where" to worship (v.19-20), but Jesus was more concerned with the heart and attitude of the worshipper! BEFORE SHE COULD RECEIVE THE LIVING WATER, SHE HAD TO BE MADE TO REALIZE HOW DESPARATELY SHE NEEDED IT.

Life Application:

v.29 "Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did." Could this be the Christ? You see, this miraculous transformation began by Jesus asking for a drink of water.

What questions are you asking and to whom are you speaking?

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