Summary: A short outline about what Jesus did in the Temple during Holy Week, and also what he does in our hearts today.

Jesus and the Temple

Seeds: Bible app study note

1. Matthew 21:12-17.

2. I love when the bad guys get what’s coming to them. In the movies or on a TV show, it’s almost “therapeutic” to see the bad guys get theirs.

3. That’s what we feel most often when we read these verses. The bad guys in the Temple (merchants, non-worshippers, cheats) go down at the hands of Jesus.

4. But there’s also a personal element of this story. 2 Corinthians 6 says our bodies and our heart are the “temple of God.”

5. If Jesus came into our hearts today, what would he find? What would he bring?

• When Jesus enters, He drives out evil (12)

• When Jesus enters, He calls for prayer (13)

• When Jesus enters, He brings healing (14)

• When Jesus enters, He evokes praise (15)

• When Jesus enters, not everyone is happy about it (15-16).

6. Open the doors wide today to what Jesus would do in your heart/life.

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