Summary: The human nature of Jesus, essential to us

Jesus, Begotten Son of Man

He is so much more than meets the eye,

Psalm 2:7

· Are we sure this is about Jesus? Acts 13.33

The Humanity of Jesus, not either/or, but both/and

1] The Mystery of the OT

A) “Son of Man”In the OT used 107 times, twice of Jesus

(1) Means descendant of Adam

1 Timothy 3:16

B) The Jews in OT had no problem w/idea that God took on human form

(1) As he walked in the Garden of Eden

(2) Wrestled w/Jacob - Genesis 32

(3) Sat and ate with Abraham

(4) But Jesus didn’t just put on a mask of flesh

C) The enigma = is the Christ man or is He God

(1) How can man be Son of God, seems incredible

(2) How can God die? Seems incredible too, He needed a natural/physical body.

(a) This mystery is the reason that after stating that He is Son of God in Matthew 16:16

We find the disciples with this bewilderment

Mark 9:9-10

D) They understood that He is the Son of God, He is divine, how could He die?

(1) Can you imagine spending 3 yrs. in daily amazement and bewilderment

(2) Walking and eating with a man who is God

(3) Seeing that He is completely human, yet completely God

John 12:34

Illustration: Blast welding

Two things put together that seem incompatible, yet do not change each other, being joined together, like in building a ship, joining aluminum and steel by the great power of an explosion.

2] Begotten

A) Born of a woman

Galatians 4:4

B) Presumably beginning as two cells, one from His mother, one from our Heavenly Father

C) A physical descendant of King David thru Mary

(1) A legal descendant of King David thru Joseph

(2) Yet w/o a physical father, conceived by the Holy Spirit so as to be..

D) Born of a Virgin

Matthew 1:20-21

(1) Now if you don’t believe that Gen 1.1, then this may be a leap in faith for you to believe, but once you are past that verse, the only thing that is really hard to believe is that God would do this for you!

(2) That is the message of Christmas!

Matthew 1:22-23

3] Incarnation – into flesh

Maybe you have no difficulty believing that God could do this, but that He would do this

In John 1.1 He is the ‘Word’ – God’s communication to us

A) Jesus took on an additional nature at His birth

(1) Not ½ man & ½ God

(2) Not just new activity, or new look

(3) Not a mask over who He really is

(4) A new nature

John 1:14

B) Continuous – now in a body of “flesh and bone”

Luke 24:39

C) He didn’t just put on flesh, He became flesh

.Romans 1:3

D) God with us

Isaiah 7:14

E) Humanity of Jesus

(1) The God-man

(2) Endured our hardships, temptations…

(3) Did Jesus ever feel pain – scourging, crucifixion

(4) Did He feel emotional pain- He apparently lost His Dad

(5) Did Jesus feel loneliness- Gethsemane, forsaken on the Cross

(6) Did Jesus feel human love – His mother

(7) Did Jesus ever feel fear- probably as a child, but as an adult He did not fear the unknown future as we do- but He knew the future He would choose to face

(8) He knew temptation

(9) Jesus knew poverty- “no place to lay His head”

(10) He knew personal attack- slandered by the rich and powerful

(11) Betrayal of a closest friend

(12) Rejection – “came to His own’, they rejected Him, mocked Him

Isaiah 53:3

F) It’s nice to have a friend who sympathizes with you during a hardship, but better to have the comfort and wisdom of one who loves you, and has been thru what you are going thru.

G) Lived life as a man

(a) In order to be mediator between God and man

(2) Was baptized with Bapt of repentance, only to identify w/us

H) Did God get the flu?

(1) Jesus endured most of the things that we do

(2) Did Jesus ever need a band-aid?

4] Died in the flesh

A) For our sins, according to

1 Peter 3:18

B) Resurrected in the flesh

(1) As we saw in Luke 24:39

C) Qualified to be Judge of the Earth because He is the Son of man

(1) Qualified to judge men

John 5:27

(2) Knows our hearts

(3) Knows our nature, 1st hand

(4) Knows our history, successes and failures

(5) Unlike earthly judges

5] The Son of Man now

Rev. 1:10-17

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