Summary: God's Amazing Grace which saves the souls of sinful men.

Luke 19:1-10 Outline

Intro: Read 19:10 “Jesus came to seek and to save the lost (self caused perishing/ἀðïëùëόò) (Middle voice)

I. V1Jesus entered Jericho- a rich and vibrant city. One of the top 3 tax collecting towns in the empire.

a) Jesus came “seeking”.

b) V2 Zacchaeus was lost. (Chief tax collector and he was rich)

c) not rich by means of productivity. Not rich by providing a product or service to other people. He was rich by providing his services to the Roman oppressors of God’s people.

d) No one liked him. Today, we still don’t like tax collectors.

II. V3 And Zach was a Selfish Sinner

a) Zach was trying to see who Jesus “was”. Not see Jesus, but see WHO Jesus was.

Many people are still trying to see who Jesus is. Matt 16:12-14 Whom do men say that I am? Elijah, John the Baptist, Jeremiah, or some other prophet. Whom do you say Jesus is? Bart- “Jesus, Son of David”.

b) Zach could not see because of the crowd.

1. Last week Bart could not see because of his own situation.

2. Zack could not see because of others. (Do we ever block the world’s view of Jesus?)

3. Zach wanted to see Jesus better. He took action. He went to where Jesus would be. (Church)

III. V4 And Zach was a Lost Looker

He was short- a difficult circumstance, a special situation, a unique set of challenges, additional obstacles.

He was (ἡëéêίᾳ ìéêñὸò ἦí) (Has the sense of maturity/age) although he was short, although he had a unique problem, Zach wanted to see Jesus badly enough, he ran to where he would see Jesus.

IV. V5-6 But Praise The Lord – JESUS IS A SEEKING SAVIOUR!!!

a) Zach was seeking something to fill the void in his life. Money didn’t do it, power didn’t do it, Roman prestige didn’t do it. He was seeking something instead of seeking the “Someone”.

Zach was looking for something, but Jesus was looking for Zach! (Praise The Lord Jesus came to look for that which was lost- that’s you and that’s me)

b) V6 “Hurry and come down” Zach obeyed. Jesus makes the same call today “Hurry”.

c) and received him gladly. (with rejoicing)

V. There were Complaining Crowds

The crowds did not see God’s grace nor Zach’s zeal (ardent desire in pursuit of something/eagerness.

-Are you zealous for the Lord? Do you love The Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength?

VI. Zach’s Selfishness turned to Selflessness

a) A change of character, a change of state, & a change of heart take over when we meet with Jesus.

b) V8 Zach now gives 50% of all he owns to others. And repays any fraud 4x’s.

c) V9 Zach’s behavior changed because Jesus came to seek and to save Zach.

VII. V10 Jesus has come to seek and to save you. Will you accept His free gift today? He offers the forgiveness on sins and the salvation of souls. Won’t you “hurry up and come down” and let Jesus go home with you today?

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