Summary: We can make people believe that Jesus really cares for them if we let them see and experience through us the love and compassion Jesus has for the lost.

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Does Jesus cares? Remembering special dates like anniversary is also a time to revisit the very purpose of ones existence. It is very fitting today that as you celebrate your 8th anniversary to remember our mission and vision as a church.

I hope that through this message, we can pattern our lives to what Jesus has lived for.


A. He sees the same condition in every place, 35, 36, 38

Minus the stampede in Ultra, Jesus saw all men in a very sad condition: people in need, sick, harassed, helpless and lost. Some of the people in Ultra (Wowowee/Ultra Disaster, February 4, 2006) were there because somebody in the family is sick with cancer and in need of money for medications. Some are hungry, eating only once or twice a day, without hope and lost. They need someone to help them or to take care of their needs. Sad to say, they were exploited (as the Inter-agency investigations reported) by the people whose only desire is to become more popular and a network that only desire to be on top of the survey ratings. Only Jesus can satisfy the needs of millions. He is the only caring person who was (and is) able to feed 5 thousand people all at the same out 5 loaves and two fish. After the “feast”, 12 baskets of fish and loaves are left.

B. He feels the same compassion for everyone, 36

He doesn’t take favorites. All men are equal to him. He help people where there are and what they are. Sometimes here on earth, some people in the positions (especially those who are looked up to) help those who help them to be in position or keep them in position. Bayad-Utang na loob na lang. O’ di kaya ay suhol na lang para patuloy na sumuporta sa kanila (Payment of debt of gratitude only or bribe for continuous support). But with Jesus, it is all love. It is all compassion.


A. He wants them to get well from physical hardships, 35

Just like the plants that we take care, if they need water, we give them water. If they to be lifted from the ground after the heavy rain, we support them with braces. If they fertilizer, we fertilize them. The more we must give to men what they need, especially, those that have no capacity to help themselves.

B. He wants them to be empowered and encouraged, 36

Not only helping in their immediate needs, we are to help find their ways to get a better life. As disciples, we must make them as disciples also; baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to obey everything that Jesus has commanded us. God’s word will lead them to a better life.

They were helpless—nothing in them can be used to alleviate their situations. No one takes care of them, “they were harassed and helpless…like sheep without a shepherd”, and no one leads them to a better life. No one knows how to get there and they need so badly somebody who knows the way. Jesus knows the way and He loves to shepherd them. Let’s lead them to Jesus.


A. He makes them see the people’s condition, 35-36

Jesus went to towns and villages with His disciples. He let see who are the people to be reach for God. He let see who are in need of His care. In fact in verse 37, he made sure that they did not only saw the people’s condition but they heard Him say, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Therefore…(next sub-point)

B. He creates the need for them to see, 37a (…harvest is plentiful…workers are few)---There is a WORKERS SHORTAGE!

Unless they see the need none of them will be doing what Jesus has been doing. They would continue to become expectators—watching Jesus perform miracles after miracles. Then they will miss the point of the purpose of His ministry. In Luke 4:40-41, it says miracles are happening to reveal that Jesus is the Son of God: the Anointed One, the Messiah—the Savior of the souls and seekers of the lost.

Mother Theresa’s commitment to the poor people of India will not be that strong if she’s not expose with the reality of their needs. Her ministry will not be established and millions of people could have died without being touched by the love of the Lord.

C. He enjoins them to pray with Him, 38

Prayer make things happen, it will also help us to see our part in fulfillment of things we desire to happen. In 1992, the Young Professionals of our association grouped themselves into 13 teams and committed each team to pray for a certain city (ies) of the Philippines. After some time in prayers, most of the teams saw that they needed to go beyond praying. They themselves answered their own prayers. They went into the cities they were praying and do the work of the gospel by themselves. Some of the teams were able to plant churches.

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