Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: If you have JESUS as your Friend, you are not alone anymore! Do you hear me? Problems crop up when you look for love outside Christ! Are you listening?

Royal swirl in the air!

1 Peter 5:7”Cast all your anxieties on God, because He cares for you!”

If you have JESUS as your Friend, you are not alone anymore! Do you hear me? Problems crop up when you look for love outside Christ! Are you listening? This is the root cause of every other adulterous and nasty relationships; same sex relationship would never thrive and flourish if Christ become the center of our life. Are you listening? I have had times when what seems ‘important and epic moment’ for me is not so for others! But not anymore! I’ve got my closest Buddy Jesus to rejoice with me; however silly the achievement may be! Hurray!

When a student who walks in as a moron later performs well in our Abide school, (Click ABIDE SCHOOL to know more of our school) my joy is boundless; now when I leap with joy and rattle the episode, people would turn the other side! Or they would think ‘Bala is weird these days’; however, I’m not alone anymore! My Buddy Jesus rejoices with me! Amen. Hallelujah! I know, I would have at least a handful of people who would understand this ‘crazy’ love of mine for Jesus; you know what, when others walk out, JESUS walks in!

Friend, there’s so much I would like to share regarding each of my projects, which comes with a package of tension, agony, confusion and uncertainty; nevertheless, as I mature in the Lord, I’ve ceased to look upon people for accolades, approvals and appreciation. I understood that it would never come from people! Look upon God! God has his own subtle and beautiful way of patting your back, giving you a peck on your cheek or giving you a royal swirl in the air! Royal swirl in the air? The most exciting game for any kid is when her mom or dad lifts her up and swirls her in the air. God would do such exhilarating things for you! If you ever enjoy such intimacy with God, you would never ever leave HIM for the world.

I construe that most, if not all, women mutter and murmur over the cold-shoulder treatment they receive from their husbands, likewise, people are discouraged when they are ignored and rejected at work places. No promotion. Not a single word of appreciation. “God, I am depressed. I did such a good thing for the Lord’s sake, I’ve risked my career, my life, but no one cares.” Know this feeling? Have you been there?

Depression is from the devil whereas, you get confidence when you know comfort and recognition comes from God! Hurray! The devil is a defeated foe! The devil is a liar! You are the apple of His eye! He has got you engraved in the palm of His Hands! You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God! You are His star! Rejoice!

You crave, you demand, you fight for love and response because you have not yet tasted the bountiful love of Jesus!

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