Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Most people really don’t know Jesus Christ, the one they are suppose to celebrate during Christmas!

If you stopped a person today at a shopping mall and asked the question “what does Christmas mean to you”, what do you think they would say? Many of them would likely say, “shopping”!

I recently googled on the Internet that question. Most of the answers go something like this: “Christmas is a time to enjoy family and friends, love, peace, and joy, giving gifts, and oh yeah, celebrating the birth of Jesus.”

Christmas is Christ’s “mass”, meaning a celebration of Christ. We, along with most of the people in the world, certainly celebrate during Christmas. But Christ in Christmas takes a back seat in the celebrations, doesn’t He? The problem is, Most people really don’t know Jesus Christ, the one they are suppose to celebrate during Christmas! If you’re a Christian, you should know Jesus Christ and learn more and more about Him!

This month, we will study four important truths about Jesus Christ. Jesus certainly became a human being; this is our topic for today. In the following Sundays, we will learn that Jesus is more than Christmas.

Jesus became a human being.

Jesus had a purpose on earth.

Jesus will return to earth.

Jesus will reign forever.

Jesus became a human being. What does this mean and what does it imply? What Scriptures and historical data do we have?

Before we look at God’s Word, which is the truth, let us note the historical data about Jesus Christ. Are there any facts about the life of Jesus Christ outside of the Bible?

First of all, what does the year 2008 indicate?

Something big happened 2008 years ago which made people take note and base every year after that event. That event was the birth of a person who impacted the world. Any year older than 2008 years, the whole world notes to be B.C., before Christ! Years after Christ is AD.

Jesus Christ made history and the whole world actually acknowledges it!

But watch out! AD, the year of the Lord may disappear! There are people today who want to change history because they don’t want to believe in Jesus Christ. Instead of the designation A.D., they want to use C.E., Current Era. Are you going to go along with that and ignore Christ? Are you alert of the spiritual battle going on today?

Now, history is based on written records; but there are godly written records and secular written records. Godly records will of course tell the truth and state the reality of Jesus Christ. What do secular records say?

There was a Jewish historian who became a Roman Citizen named Josephus. He not only provided history for the Jews, but also to the Great Roman Empire. Josephus lived from 38-97 AD. Josephus witnessed first hand what happened after Jesus died. Josephus was like a newspaper writer noting current events. Josephus wrote, "Pilate condemned Jesus to be crucified and to die…. His disciples… reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion, and that he was alive." The history of Jesus Christ was recorded by someone who was there at that time but did not believe in Jesus as God.

Other 1st Century historians, Justin Martyr, Philo of Alexandria, Tacitus, and Tertullian, all recorded Jesus Christ impacting the world! The Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition, devotes 20,000 words to the person of Jesus Christ and never once hints that He did not exist! History books record the existence of Jesus Christ on earth!

Now again, be strong in your faith in Jesus Christ! Some will always argue that Christ never lived on earth. They will try and erase Jesus Christ from the history books! Just remember this: history is really meaningless without His Story! And no matter what people do with secular history, we will always have God’s written record, the Bible!

Are you treasuring your Bible?

What does the Bible say about Christ living on earth?

Please open your Bibles to the Gospels; let’s start with Matthew 1:17-25…………. turn to Luke 2:4-7 …………

Jesus had human parents, Joseph and Mary, and they were recorded in a public census! Joseph and Mary had genealogies with well known people!

Jesus had human parents, but did you notice how Jesus was conceived? Jesus was conceived by God not by human Joseph. Something miraculous happened through Mary which broke the lineage of sinful man!

Now look at Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23………………

Did you notice all the history mentioned?

Egypt, Herod, Herod killing babies, Archelaus the son of Herod, and Nazareth are all historical truths!

How can someone say that the Bible is just a bunch of made up stories? When people say that, challenge them to prove it wrong! The Bible is God’s Word and will not tell a lie! We can be confident of the historicity of the Bible!

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